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How Backlash Against a TikToker for Buying Her own House Exposes the Dark Side of Social Media

A 21-year-old British TikTok influencer posted a video celebrating her first home purchase, but some commenters felt it was insensitive to those facing financial struggles.
Image Source: Photo by RDNE Stock project | Pexels
Image Source: Photo by RDNE Stock project | Pexels

TikTok has allowed influencers to monetize their talent and online presence, scripting innumerable success stories across the world. One such tale is of a 21-year-old TikTok influencer, who recently achieved a major milestone by buying her first home without needing a mortgage. However, instead of receiving positive feedback for her success, she faced a wave of negative comments.

Katylee Bailey, based in the U.K., shared her accomplishment in a TikTok video where she can be seen joyfully clapping and celebrating with confetti, captioning it as the "biggest achievement" of her life. Despite garnering over four million views and numerous comments, some people accused her of bragging, especially those facing financial struggles. Some compared her success to the challenges of essential workers like paramedics who can't afford necessities.

Bailey, who left college during the COVID-19 pandemic, began leveraging social media to earn a living. She creates content about her everyday life, family, and relationship advice, aiming to show that having a large following doesn't mean being disconnected from reality. Initially making money through TikTok live sessions, she later secured brand deals as her followers increased.

Despite her success, Bailey faced criticism for not having a "real job," prompting her to highlight the responsibilities and financial aspects of being a social media influencer. She emphasized the need to pay taxes, manage accounts, and handle various aspects akin to running a business.

Image Source: TikTok | Katylee Bailey
Image Source: TikTok | Katylee Bailey

Bailey, grateful for the opportunities social media provided, mentioned that it took time and several brand deals to assure her family of her financial stability. She had previously borrowed money from friends to buy food before her TikTok success. With millions of followers on TikTok and Instagram, Bailey expressed gratitude for being able to help her family and friends through her online presence.

Despite the positive aspects, the negative comments about her home purchase initially prevented Bailey from moving in. She admitted feeling a significant burden and fear due to the criticism, illustrating the emotional toll of online negativity.

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Despite her gratitude for her followers and loved ones, Bailey faced negative comments about buying her first home, which initially prevented her from moving in. The weight of the criticism led her to struggle, and she delayed settling into her new home due to fear and the burden of online hate. Bailey also posted a video addressing the negative comments, though it has been removed.

In the emotional TikTok video, Bailey apologized to anyone who felt she was bragging about her home. She acknowledged the flaws in the system and expressed disbelief in her luck. While sobbing, she emphasized that she does work and doesn't take her success for granted.

However, Bailey chose not to let the negativity from social media "haters" bring her down. After addressing the comments, she decided to move past the criticism and continue with her positive journey, demonstrating resilience in the face of online negativity.