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As Streaming Platforms are Flooded With Content, Here are 10 Ways to Cut Down Entertainment Costs

Top 10 strategies to binge-watch your favorite shows without burning a hole in your pocket.
Cover Image Source: 10 clever tips to trim your entertainment expenses | Pexels
Cover Image Source: 10 clever tips to trim your entertainment expenses | Pexels

How entertainment can cost less even when you are spoilt for choice

10 Things You Can Do to Save Money on Streaming | Pexels

As the popularity of streaming services continues to soar, so does the cost of accessing the content they offer. With nearly every major platform increasing its monthly prices, consumers are faced with the challenge of balancing their desire for diverse entertainment options with budgeting. However, this doesn't have to be a choice between giving up your favorite shows or breaking the bank. From canceling redundant subscriptions to making the most of free trials, here are practical tips to ensure a cost-effective and enjoyable streaming experience.

1. Figure Out Which Services You Can Cancel

Figure out which services you can cancel | Pexels

Determining which streaming service to cancel is an impactful step in optimizing your entertainment budget. By identifying the least-utilized platform and cutting it loose, you can cut costs. This strategic approach not only streamlines your monthly expenses but also empowers you to allocate your budget more efficiently. Importantly, the flexibility to resubscribe when new and enticing content is released ensures that you can tailor your streaming portfolio to match your evolving preferences.

2. Plan Your Binge Watching

Pexels |
Plan your binges | Pexels

Subscribing with a keen eye on the release schedules of your preferred shows is a tactical maneuver that not only ensures that you stay updated with the latest episodes but also allows you to save money during the inevitable downtime between seasons. Rather than maintaining multiple subscriptions concurrently, this strategy helps you tailor your streaming choices. The result is a more cost-effective streaming experience aligned with your viewing preferences.

3. Ditch Live TV

Pexels |
Ditch live TV | Pexels

If you wish to stop using live TV services, you can try budget-friendly options like Philo. Philo allows you to browse through various channels without burning a hole in your pocket. Another idea is to use free news streaming services. This way, you can keep up with what's happening without paying a lot for live TV, making your entertainment experience more personalized and budget-friendly, all without giving up a variety of content.

4. Take Advantage of Free Trials

Pexels |
Take advantage of free trials | Pexels

Most streaming services give you a chance to try them out for free before you subscribe. The important thing is to use these free trials wisely, and set a reminder to cancel if you decide not to use the service. Benefiting from these free trials not only helps you choose the right platforms but also gives you a short time to enjoy shows without spending money, making your streaming experience better for your budget.

5. Choose Basic Subscriptions

Pexels |
Choose basic, nonpremium subscriptions | Pexels

When choosing subscription plans, it's better to pick basic, non-premium options. You can consider platforms like Paramount Plus or Hulu's ad-supported tier. While ad-free viewing may be tempting, the financial benefit of these ad-supported plans becomes quite evident. In a world where premium features come at an extra cost, opting for basic subscriptions underscores a commitment to a more economical yet fulfilling streaming experience.

6. Share Subscriptions With Friends and Family

Share subscriptions with friends and family | Pexels

Sharing streaming subscriptions with friends and family is a smart way to save money, even though some platforms are getting stricter about sharing passwords. Everyone can pitch in some money, and then you can all watch different streaming services without paying the full price. Just make sure you know the rules about password-sharing for each platform.

7. Check Out Free Streaming Services

Check out free streaming services | Pexels

Free streaming platforms such as Tubi, Kanopy, and Freevee offer a fantastic opportunity to catch up on your favorite shows and movies without having to pay. Although these services may have occasional advertisements, they provide a cost-effective alternative that can help you manage your budget. In a world where subscription costs can add up, these free streaming services are a practical solution for those looking to enjoy quality content without a hefty price tag. By opting for these ad-supported platforms, you can make your streaming experience both enjoyable and economical.

8. Get a Cord-Cutter Credit Card

Get a cord-cutter credit card | Pexels

Cards such as the Blue Cash Preferred Card from American Express, with its enticing 6% cash back on streaming services including Netflix, Disney Plus, and Prime Video can help you cut your entertainment costs. The cash-back benefits on streaming expenses and additional perks make these cards a great tool for individuals keen on optimizing their streaming budget. These cards ensure that streaming enthusiasts can indulge in their favorite content while simultaneously enjoying rewards.

9. Choose Mobile Plans

Put your money where your phone is | Pexels

Some phone companies offer special deals that give you free subscriptions to popular streaming services. For example, if you're on T-Mobile's Magenta Max plan, you get Netflix without paying extra. Cricket Wireless and Metro by T-Mobile have plans that include free access to HBO Max and Amazon Prime, respectively. By choosing a mobile plan with these perks, you not only get to watch your favorite shows on the go but also save money. It's like a two-in-one deal.

10. Temporarily Pause Your Subscriptions

Temporarily pause your subscriptions | Pexels

If you don't want to completely stop using a streaming service but need a break, you can choose to pause your subscription for a while. Some services understand that people might need flexibility, so they let viewers take a break without canceling subscriptions. This way, you can manage the time when you're not watching a lot of content without giving up the subscription altogether. Just make sure to check your account page for details on how pausing affects when you pay and how long you can pause.