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TikTok Shop Goes Luxe, Offers Pre-loved Chanel and Louis Vuitton to Gen Z Fashionistas

TikTok Shop users can now score coveted designer handbags like a chic Louis Vuitton monogram shoulder bag or a sleek Bottega tote.
Cover Image Source: TikTok Shop is partnering with luxury retailers | TikTok | @break.archive
Cover Image Source: TikTok Shop is partnering with luxury retailers | TikTok | @break.archive

In a recent TikTok video, the platform made a stylish announcement—Gen Z now has the green light to snag pre-loved Chanel and Louis Vuitton goodies right from their feeds. While TikTok Shop has been synonymous with snagging supplements, sleek bodysuits, and trendy beauty tools, it's stepping up its game. by teaming up with luxury resale partners. Users can now score coveted designer handbags like a chic Louis Vuitton monogram shoulder bag or a sleek Bottega tote.

TikTok |  @break.archive
TikTok | @break.archive

This exciting expansion, launched in the UK and the US, features five top-notch UK-based luxury resale companies: Luxe Collective, Sellier Knightsbridge, Sign of the Times, Hardly Ever Worn It, and Break Archive. These savvy sellers have already seen success driving sales through TikTok videos on their platforms. Now, with the TikTok Shop integration, they can host shoppable live streams and showcase their inventory in the dedicated TikTok Shop tab. Gen Z is squarely in TikTok's sights. The platform is setting a £4,000($4,942.18) limit on sellers' listings, urging them to diversify their price range to attract the entry-level luxury consumer base.

TikTok | @break.archive
TikTok | @break.archive

TikTok Shop, with its overarching aim to cater to a wide audience, imposes a £500 ($617.77) cap on individual items. Consequently, sellers must undergo an approval process with TikTok's Singapore headquarters to sell items exceeding this limit. TikTok Shop has faced criticism due to its abundance of low-quality, inexpensive products flooding the marketplace. With its initial launch featuring a mere 2 percent seller fee and free delivery for sellers, the platform attracted a wave of fast-fashion and mass-market sellers, sparking concerns about responsible selling practices and fostering impulsive purchasing behavior.

Recently, TikTok increased its fees to 8 percent, a move that some experts speculate could attract higher-quality sellers while deterring those offering low-quality goods. Up until now, luxury brands have largely stayed away from the platform. However, the introduction of the pre-loved category could present an opportunity for TikTok to showcase its potential as a luxury shopping destination. This is a critical year for TikTok Shop, as it strives to become the pioneer social platform in revolutionizing online shopping. Success hinges on breaking away from its reputation for inexpensive items and fostering trust in sellers. It also depends on diversifying its inventory and gaining support from fashion influencers and brands beyond the realm of high street and fast fashion.

TikTok | @break.archive
TikTok | @break.archive

Break Archive's Gabriel Rylka curates selections reflecting TikTok trends, anticipating high demand for items like the Balenciaga City bag and Fendi baguettes. With luxury brands restricting access and Gen Z favoring resale, TikTok Shop is set to cater to this demand, providing easier access to vintage and pre-loved fashion via social commerce. Resellers like Toni of Sellier are taking creative strides to promote their TikTok Shop accounts. Toni's video of writing 'buy me on TikTok Shop' on a Birkin bag garnered 600,000 views, while a follow-up attempt to remove the ink garnered 2.2 million views, adding a playful touch to the campaign. For Toni and Rylka, TikTok isn't just about sales; it's about building brand recognition among younger audiences. They see TikTok Shop as a platform to drive sales and enhance brand visibility through user-generated content like unboxing videos.

TikTok |
TikTok | @break.archive

By starting with secondhand items, TikTok Shop bypasses the need for luxury brands' endorsement to feature their products on the platform. This move also taps into a highly interested market. The hashtag #prelovedfashion has amassed 62,000 videos, and the chosen partners already boast substantial followings, aiding in the promotion of this initiative. Flavia De Pfyffer, fashion lead at TikTok Shop, notes, "We recognize that the TikTok community is increasingly seeking more sustainable and accessible avenues to engage with luxury fashion, and the introduction of this new category means that pre-owned luxury brands and items can now be effortlessly discovered and purchased without leaving the platform." She further emphasizes the existing appetite for pre-loved luxury on TikTok. Luxe Collective launched its TikTok Shop with live streams selling discounted luxury bags, drawing thousands of viewers and selling high-end items. Sellier also thrives on TikTok, converting hundreds of viewers into sales through live streams.


TikTok Shop Livestream: 19th April - 1pm BST. We curated the best selection of vintage designer pieces for you and we cant wait for you to see 🥹💚

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