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Man Reveals the Hefty Expenses His Wife Would Have to Bear to Attend Her Friend’s Wedding; Netizens Relate

The user expressed his exasperation and commented, "Terrible thing to do to your friends, should really make your worst enemies do this."
Cover Image Source: Unsplash|Photo by Samantha Gades
Cover Image Source: Unsplash|Photo by Samantha Gades

What was once a simple gesture of support and friendship has now transformed into a burden that can strain budgets and cause undue stress. Attending a friend's wedding was always considered a joyful reunion and celebrating happy times with childhood buddies. But it's not the same case anymore. Recently, a doctor in the United States, Sravan Panuganti tweeted on his handle @SPuro88 the expenses his wife would incur to attend a friend's wedding. The post attracted 6.5 million views with people complaining about how extravagant weddings deplete the savings of friends and family members.Attending a friend's wedding has become costlier than ever. Image Source: Unsplash|Photo by Victoria Priessnitz

Attending a friend's wedding has become costlier than ever | Unsplash | Photo by Victoria Priessnitz

In the post, Dr. Panuganti explained that they had to spend $2,000 for the bachelorette party, $1,500 for the bridal shower, and a few hundred dollars for a dress. This added to about $5,000 for his family to attend the wedding. He further mentioned that this huge expense is only because his wife is one of the bridesmaids and is hoping that this post would help him not get invited to the wedding. The user expressed his exasperation and commented, "Terrible thing to do to your friends, should really make your worst enemies do this." He talked about how these weddings strain budgets and drain families' savings. With major traction on the post, many viewers declined the invitation while others recommended the couples stay a little more considerate of the wedding's budget. Some others suggested quite a witty solution on how to say 'no' to this kind of wedding subtly and not hamper your 'overrated friendship.'


Many viewers whimsically commented on how Panuganti was trying to escape the wedding with the hope of going viral by stating the facts. @SPuro88 commented, "Trying to ruin the friendship before the wedding date, tbh." @HumanFlypaper commented, "Decline to attend, but say you'll put an amount in a rainy day ETF/trust something accessible to whichever side you're friends with for the inevitable dissolution of marriage. Stay toxic." @utopianmae commented, "I would totally pass on that myself. Seems like a lot of money to spend on someone else’s party. But maybe that’s just me." @CTLucero194512 commented, "One classic move is to have a passport problem at the last minute."


@Sydney_Matuszak commented, "I'm in 4 weddings this year. I told all the brides my budget was 1200 for everything: engagement party, bridal shower, bachelorette, hair + makeup, dress, and wedding expenses. And if I go over, I can't afford a gift. It's wild how much money we can spend without them realizing." @loobah_l commented, "No bridal showers or bachelorettes if both the bride and groom are over 30." @TheChantalSnow commented, "Is she paying for the party all by herself? WTH is she doing at the shower that costs that much?" @data_analystguy commented, "I remember my dad suggested people should offer the option in this situation just to give the friend $600 to not be in the wedding."