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DIY bride bakes her own cake on the morning of her wedding; ‘Everyone thinks I’m crazy'

On her wedding day, Kristina Hartley baked her own cake, showing how personal touches can make weddings more special and memorable.
Cover Image Source: Bride bakes her own wedding cake after getting her hair done @kristinaamandahartley | TikTok
Cover Image Source: Bride bakes her own wedding cake after getting her hair done @kristinaamandahartley | TikTok

Many brides like to have every detail planned out before their big day to avoid any last-minute problems and surprises which would be stressful. However, some brides are more relaxed than others. For example, Kristina Hartley ( @kristinaamandahartley) baked her own wedding cake after getting her hair done on her wedding day. The day before, she prepared some of the cake's components.

Kristina, who lives in Southern California, shared a video of herself frosting the cake in her kitchen on the morning of her wedding. While we may often see stressed brides running around this one was much calmer and frankly enjoyed every moment of her day.

Image Source: @kristinaamandahartley | TikTok
Image Source: @kristinaamandahartley | TikTok

In the video posted on June 6, the 26-year-old bride wrote, "POV: everyone thinks you’re crazy for making your own wedding cake on your wedding morning." Kristina told Newsweek that baking is very calming for her, so she prepared two of the cake tiers the day before. In the video, you can see her almost dressed for her wedding as she puts the tiers together and finishes frosting the cake right before leaving for the ceremony.

“I wanted to make my own wedding cake to show our guests how much I love and care for them," she said. "Everyone, except my husband, thought I was crazy for doing it.”

Kristina started baking with her grandmother when she was a young girl and practiced the recipe in the weeks before her wedding. Her goal was to surprise her guests rather than focus on making the cake look and taste perfect. In another part of the viral video, Kristina showed how she and her husband assembled the cake in front of their guests. This was not only entertaining but also symbolized them creating something new together.

“I knew that no matter how the cake turned out, it would taste good and our guests would enjoy watching us assemble it. Enjoy the process and embrace any imperfections—that's what will make your wedding day special,” she said. Kristina plans to bake the same cake on their anniversary. People praised her for treating her guests to a homemade cake, especially with the meaningful idea behind it.

One person commented, “This is so cute! I love it when weddings have personal, non-traditional touches. It makes the day unique and memorable.”

Image Source: @kristinaamandahartley | TikTok
Image Source: @kristinaamandahartley | TikTok

"Omg, I was literally saying I wanted to do this but everyone told me it can’t be done. You inspired me," said one user. 

Image Source: @kristinaamandahartley | TikTok
Image Source: @kristinaamandahartley | TikTok

"OMG, you look incredible. Love both dresses and the clips in your hair. What a special cake and special moments. I'll be doing the same and my own dessert table. Baking is my therapy for anxiety," said another viewer. 

Image Source: @kristinaamandahartley | TikTok
Image Source: @kristinaamandahartley | TikTok

Customization and personal touches can truly transform events like weddings, making them unique and memorable. When brides like Kristina add a layer of authenticity and love to the celebration, it becomes more special. These personal elements can make guests feel special and create lasting memories. Whether it's a homemade cake, personalized decorations, or unique traditions, such thoughtful details reflect the couple's personality and story, making the event stand out from typical, rehearsed weddings. It's these bespoke touches that often leave a lasting impression and become cherished highlights of the big day.

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