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This Nevada Realtor Became One of The Biggest Conspiracy Theorists on TikTok

She is also known online for discussing conspiracy theories on TikTok.
Cover Image Source: TikTok | @auntie_coolette
Cover Image Source: TikTok | @auntie_coolette

Colette Reynolds, a Realtor from Nevada is famous on TikTok for making videos about religious and supernatural experiences. She said she is a "psychic, a genius, and has gifts from the holy spirits," both in her videos on TikTok and her interview with Rolling Stone. She first came to the limelight when she shared a video of her standing in front of a photograph of a tree at night with a weird white shape visible on the branch. According to her, she had captured an angel on film that night. She is also known online for discussing conspiracy theories. Therefore this combination has made her famous online.

TikTok |
TikTok | @auntie_coolette

Several years ago, Reynolds never saw her social stardom coming and focused on her realty business in Elko Nevada. She first joined TikTok after she was told by somebody that it was a great marketing tool. It was during the Pandemic when she first started using TikTok but was not making videos. 

“It got me through all of that,” Reynolds says. “It was really neat. I wasn’t making videos yet. I was too scared. And then I came back [home], and something just told me you need to start sharing your incredible stories of survival. So lots of my health stuff is the reason I started on this. That’s the only reason I started on the app.” She still hasn’t used it to promote her reality practice.

TikTok logo | Getty Images | Photo by Dan Kitwood
TikTok logo | Getty Images | Photo by Dan Kitwood

She made a video casually waxing her face while listing "Things I wish I knew when I was 20." The video which has more than a million views became popular because she also alluded to a conspiracy theory and said "Biggie and Tupac aren’t dead, yo." When people reacted to that in a way she did not expect, she thought of sharing some more of her weird beliefs. 

Reynolds was soon referred to as the "cool auntie" that everybody needs in their life which prompted her to change her handle to @auntie_coolette. 

TikTok |
TikTok | @auntie_coolette. 

Since her first video took off, she has accrued millions of followers on TikTok and is known for exploring many conspiracies. Till now, there is no such theory that hasn't been explored, whether it is the "fake moon landing" theory or the "huge land mass beyond the south pole" theory, Reynolds has explored it all. 

She is also known for giving great advice and for discussing religious topics. “I love doing the advice,” Reynolds says.

She also said that she loves the fact that she can reach so many people and help them in so many ways. Reynolds has often dropped big names and organizations in her videos and wondered if Elon Musk could survive at the end of days with AI and is also suspicious of Zuckerberg’s Hawaiian banker. Due to this, she now adds an up-front disclaimer that her content is “for entertainment purposes only.”

She still says that she is struggling with TikTok's policies said, "They’ll flag it for misinformation and give you a community guideline violation,” Reynolds says of TikTok moderators. “So you do have to be kind of careful. That’s why I always say we’re just goofing around, and it just means, yeah, I’m very serious about this."

Reynolds says that she is not advocating any kind of dangerous or extremist action and says that she is quite aware that she has a responsibility now that more than 2 million people follow her on the video-sharing platform. She says that now she is well aware that she can negatively impact the audience. "It’s hard to be the conspiracy queen,” she concluded.