With $12.7 Billion In Sales, Amazon Prime Day 2023 Breaks All Previous Records

With $12.7 Billion In Sales, Amazon Prime Day 2023 Breaks All Previous Records
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This year's Amazon Prime Day started on July 11 and ended on July 12, and it saw the largest sales day ever in the company's history. Consumers spent more than $12.7 billion on the e-commerce giant's platform, which is a 6.1% jump from last year, as per CNN Business. The first day of the sale recorded the largest single-day sales in the company's history, as per the ex-commerce giant's official blog post. "The first day of Prime Day was the largest sales day in Amazon’s history, and Prime members saved more this year than any other Prime Day event," said Doug Herrington, the CEO.

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Getty Images | 	Justin Sullivan
Getty Images | Justin Sullivan

In the blog, Amazon gives a sneak peek into their behind-the-scenes and shares that, the company offered a huge range of deals, much more than any past Prime Day event ever. The company stated that the variety was the result of incorporating independent sellers or small and medium-sized businesses. This led to Prime Day 2023 being the largest-ever sale day for independent sellers in the Amazon store. The company also reported that there was a huge increase in the sales of all Alexa-related items, including Fire TV Stick, and Alexa Voice Remote.


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Even though there were some complaints related to people finding prices going up on Prime Day instead of going down, Amazon claims that Prime members saved more this year, saying that the members saved more than $2.5 billion across many deals. 

Amazon Prime Day 2023 has come to an end for this year and if you have not been able to get your hand on the things you wanted there's still some room to try and do so. There are other upcoming sales that are also offering great deals.

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As per Numerator 2023 Live Prime Day Tracking data, this year's top categories included home goods, ordered by 28% of shoppers, household essentials (26%), and apparel and shoes (24%).

Other top items included: Temptations Cat Treats, Liquid I.V. Packets, Apple Watch Series 8, Melissa & Doug Toys, Amazon Fire TV Stick, and Echo Dot 5.

The data also revealed that more than 172,398  items were bought by more than 34,185 unique buyers.

The average size of each order was $56.14 which is up from $53.14 last year. However, it's important to note that the data also revealed that each household shopped more than once making the average household spend more than $155. The pay order accounted for the majority of online orders that brought in more than $461 million.

As per Numerator's data, the average prime-day shopper is a high-income female between 35 and 44. It was also seen that most buyers have been Prime members for a significant period of time.

"88% were Prime members, and many had been members for a significant period of time— 73% since 2019 or earlier, and 84% for at least a year. Nearly all (97%) were aware of Prime Day before shopping on Amazon during the sale and had shopped at the event in the past (80%)," the data report mentioned.

The data also revealed that more than 66% of the prime members were "very satisfied" with the deals that they got this year. However, 55% of shoppers said that they still have to compare it to the other retailers before checking out. 

Other than this, 35% said they might shop at Target Circle Week or Walmart + because of their fabulous summer deals.


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