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How Fantasy Characters Catapulted Orlando Bloom's Net Worth to $40 Million

A charming hero with a powerful stage presence, Orlando Blooms certainly knows how to portray diverse characters, which has led to his impressive net worth.
Cover Image Source: Getty Images | David Livingston
Cover Image Source: Getty Images | David Livingston

With a charming and alluring personality, actor Orlando Bloom became a household name, known for portraying regality in all his characters. Born in 1977 in Canterbury, UK, Bloom was still studying theater at the prestigious Guildhall School of Music and Drama in London when he bagged the memorable role of Legolas in the popular "Lord of the Rings" franchise.

The role opened doors to a lifetime of success for Bloom, establishing his reputation as a performer. Let's explore his finest work in cinema and the revenue that he has accumulated through his endeavors.

David Klein / Stringer/ Getty
Image Source: David Klein/ Stringer/ Getty Images

Orlando Bloom's net worth

By portraying eccentric characters, Orlando Bloom has established an expansive Hollywood career. According to Celebrity Net Worth, Orlando Bloom's total net worth is around $40 million, making him as one of the leading Hollywood stars today.

Bloom was a freshly minted Guildhall graduate when he landed the role of the elf named Legolas in the famous "Lord Of The Rings" trilogy. The role received positive reviews globally, helping Bloom establish a solid reputation as a Hollywood actor. He went on to star in "The Fellowship of the Ring" (2001), "The Two Towers" (2002), and "The Return of the King" (2003), which further shaped his acting career. The trilogy was a tremendous commercial success globally, allowing Bloom to bag several accolades and awards for his portrayal of Legolas. He only received $175, 000 for his role because he was relatively unknown but he later admitted that the role was the "greatest gift of his life" and that he would do it again for "half the money," per Marca.  


Bloom's explosive part in the "Pirates of The Caribbean" franchise

After carving a niche for himself through "The Lord of The Rings" trilogy, Bloom starred as the doe-eyed Will Turner in the "Pirates Of The Caribbean" movies, alongside a powerful cast including Johnny Depp and Kiera Knightley. The franchise became a global success, catapulting Bloom's career to new heights. Data reveals that Bloom was the most searched man on Google in 2016. In 2017, Bloom starred in four of the 15 most commercially successful movies, which helped him earn credibility in Hollywood and millions in revenue. He separately earned $11,900,000 from "Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End" and "Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest," per The Richest


Bloom's expansive acting career saw him taking up diverse roles to forge his own identity. A major chunk of his success can be attributed to roles in the fantasy genre, which he thoroughly explored and experimented with. He continued to reprise his role as the elf Legolas in "The Hobbit" franchise, which earned him a fair share of success and fame. Reportedly, Bloom netted a massive $1 million for a 2-minute cameo in "The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey," per Daily Star

Bloom starred alongside Brad Pitt in "Troy," an extravagant period film that earned him global acclaim and fame for his role as the idealistic lover Paris.


A lesser-known love for theatre

Few are aware that Bloom always wanted to explore a career in theater as a performer rather than working actively in films. Despite having a busy schedule as an actor, he continued to work as a dedicated theater artist, starring as a stage actor in the London Revival play "In Celebration." Bloom also explored Broadway by debuting as Romeo in "Romeo and Juliet."


Apart from acting in films and theater, Orlando Bloom has also starred in commercials, which includes a TV ad for GAP alongside the beautiful Kate Beckinsale. He also starred in a Japanese commercial promoting Shiseido, a prominent cosmetic brand, for which he bagged millions through TV commercials. 

The actor maintained a low profile on social media and did not make his Instagram account public for many years but he still has an impressive 7 million Instagram followers as of August 9, 2023. 


As with all lead actors, Orlando Bloom has also explored real estate as a viable form of investment. In March 2019, Orland Bloom listed his Beverly Hills mansion for sale for $9 million. He bought the house in 2017 for $7 million. Bloom married his now-ex Katy Perry in 2017 and the couple purchased a $14.2 million house in 2020, a 9-acre estate or mansion in Montecito, California.


Apart from movies, Bloom has also starred in an Amazon series, "Carnival Row" and has more releases such as "Gran Turismo" and "Wizards" lined up.