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Shocking Truth Behind The 'Young Indian Method' Going Viral

The method going viral amongst hustlers is promoted by a document filled with dehumanizing language
Cover Image Source: Unsplash | Photo by Austin Distel
Cover Image Source: Unsplash | Photo by Austin Distel

A 404 Media report has unveiled the grim reality behind the “Young Indian Method” trend promoted by hustlers on TikTok. While it may sound like another trend perpetrated by the so-called “hustle culture” on social media, it has far more damaging effects. While the method promotes the exploitation of workers from third-world countries, it goes above and beyond with the usage of racist dehumanizing language.


According to a Know Your Meme report, the Young Indian Method describes a process of hiring young workers from India to work remotely for companies and entrepreneurs in the West. It encourages people to start service-based firms and outsource the work.


However, it emphasizes the employment of third-world country workers like Indians as it encourages entrepreneurs to pay them less and take advantage of the currency exchange rates. Thus, the report says that the "Young Indian Method" is therefore a way of saying, "the exploitation of Indian labor in the name of making as much money as possible."

The co-founder of 404Media, Jason Koebler, found a pdf document called “Young Indian Method,” through which the process was promoted. The document which cost £7 ($8.96) claimed to help hustlers “earn money by utilizing third world country workers.”

As per Koebler’s report, the document was full of dehumanizing language, and it warns the hustlers that "Indians get lazy after they get paid.” Furthermore, the document recommends its users "keep them hungry" in order to extract "maximum effort" from them until they get paid.

The document promises users access to all the channels of the group that created it, possibly to get in touch with others who are using the method. The document clearly states that it will teach people everything they need to know about “how to make big money from 3rd world countries.”

It asks people to not be afraid of firing them as they are “easily replaceable.” The document also says that the users will have access to the admin's DMs to clear out any queries that they may have. However, it isn’t clear that the trend which first went viral once on Twitter is mostly earnest or ironic.


The Know Your Meme report adds that the usage of third-world labor for first-world businesses is a totally real phenomenon in the hustle culture. Previously, several other entrepreneurial influencers with large followings, such as YouTube’s Iman Gadzhi, have promoted the use of third-world labor in their videos. This has blurred the line of sincerity around the issue and has made it hard to dismiss as irony or satire.


According to Know Your Meme, the phrase "Young Indian Method" was coined by a TikTok and YouTube creator EnardEcom. The channels of EnardEcom originally went viral on TikTok in July last year but the channel was later deleted after it received backlash from the public for obvious reasons.

Image source: YouTube | @EnardEcom
Image source: YouTube | @EnardEcom

Despite this, his YouTube channel continued posting videos, promoting the method. As of now, his YouTube channel has not been deleted but all the videos on The Young Indian Method have been made private with no access given to the public. However, the account still contains some suggestive ‘Shorts’ of the method. Furthermore, his YouTube bio has the phrase “Free Young Indian Method” on Telegram, a popular instant messaging app. There also a YouTube channel named Young Indian Method which promotes the process.