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Career Coach Reveals ‘Simple Hack’ That Got Her Promoted; Not Everyone Agrees to It

Career coach Stephanie Brown shares how 'walking the floors' boosted her visibility, leading to a promotion in six months.
Cover Image Source: Career coach reveals simple hack for getting promoted | TikTok | Stephanie Brown | @kiwilondongirl
Cover Image Source: Career coach reveals simple hack for getting promoted | TikTok | Stephanie Brown | @kiwilondongirl

In a recent TikTok video, @Stephanie Brown, a seasoned career coach, divulged a "simple hack" that propelled her career forward, resulting in a promotion within just six months, per 9News. Brown, drawing from advice received from Nike's marketing director, emphasized the significance of making oneself visible in the workplace. "I went to this marketing director and I said to them, 'I want to get promoted, but I just don't know how to do this,'" she revealed in the video.

TikTok | Stephanie Brown | @kiwilondongirl
TikTok | Stephanie Brown | @kiwilondongirl

The director's response was straightforward, she needed to increase her visibility in the workplace. With remote or hybrid work arrangements becoming increasingly common, Brown posed the question, "How do you become more visible if you're not in the office every single day?" "The way you become more visible is you walk the floors," she was told. Brown elaborated on the significance of this advice, explaining that "walking the floors" entails actively engaging with colleagues and stakeholders, whether in person or virtually, to ensure consistent visibility and communication.

TikTok | Stephanie Brown | @kiwilondongirl
TikTok | Stephanie Brown | @kiwilondongirl

"In the mornings, you literally come in, make a cup of coffee, and you walk the floors," Brown elaborates on the actionable advice she received. The simple act of walking through the workspace each morning significantly increased Brown's visibility, she emphasizes. "If I walk the floors every single morning, people remember that I was there that day, and that's what they remember." Implementing this strategy involved more than physical presence; Brown made a conscious effort to engage with her colleagues, checking in on their weekends and personal lives.

"Within a month, I really noticed the difference in the perception of how visible I was; all that I had changed was this one thing," Brown recounts the impact of her consistent presence and interaction. For those seeking to enhance their visibility in the workplace, especially in pursuit of a promotion, Brown highly recommends adopting this career hack. "So if you've been given the feedback 'be more visible', or if you're looking to get promoted and want to be more visible to get that promotion, this is a career hack that I absolutely recommend."

TikTok | Stephanie Brown | @kiwilondongirl
TikTok | Stephanie Brown | @kiwilondongirl

One user said @Cookie, "This is a great leadership skill too but checking in with people has to be authentic, otherwise people see right through you!" Meanwhile, @Jaime commented, "Seems like a very outdated tactic." In response, @Stephanie Brown commented, "It’s been used very recently and with great results. Business is about relationships. This helps build relationships. Very simple."

Another user @eyre888 congratulated, "Congrats on your promotions, extroverts." In reply, @Stephanie Brown clarified, "I’m actually an introvert. Have been my whole life. That's why I 'wasn’t visible'. It wasn’t easy to do this but it worked." Another user, @bigchillin admitted, "I try to not be visible." To this, @Stephanie Brown replied, "Hahaha as an introvert, I feel this. This was actually my problem when I got this feedback. I was too 'head down in the corner'."

TikTok |
TikTok | Stephanie Brown | @kiwilondongirl

One user said @Norgiemum, "We have a 'walk the floorer' in my office. Everyone knows he does nothing and that he never walks the talk. Walking the floor doesn’t always work." Meanwhile, @Stephanie Brown responded, "You can’t walk the floor and do nothing else. You still have to be good at your job and respected."

Furthermore, @Find Your HR chimed in, "Having worked at Nike for 8 years, this is 100% true! Careers have been built there on walking the floors and I’d add being in the gym class the senior leaders go to!" In reply, @Stephanie Brown advised, "This was always my advice to new starters - get involved! Go to the run clubs and build relationships. It’s so important :)."

@kiwilondongirl A Nike Marketing Director taught me this very simple career hack and it made a huge difference when trying to get promoted. Have you tried this? 👇🏼 #gettingpromotedatwork #corporatejobs #marketingjobs #marketingcareeradvice #marketingcareercoach ♬ original sound - Stephanie Brown


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