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Dominion Energy Warns Customers Of a New Door-To-Door Imposter Scam

These scammers often try to create a sense of urgency and ask for immediate payment.
UPDATED FEB 15, 2024
 The Dominion Energy headquarters | Getty Images | Photo by Zach Gibson
The Dominion Energy headquarters | Getty Images | Photo by Zach Gibson

Electric service company, Dominion Energy, has alerted customers about a new utility scam happening across states. The company recently recorded an increase in reports of a door-to-door scam where criminals are posing as employees of Dominion Energy to scam people. The company in its official release reminded its customers to stay vigilant in the face of the upcoming changing seasons.

Scammers are coming up with new ways and are approaching customers to steal their sensitive information, Bob Metzinger, general manager of Customer Service at Dominion Energy Ohio said in the release.

Cover Image Source: Getty Images | Photo by Sean Gallup
Cover Image Source: Getty Images | Photo by Sean Gallup

According to a 13NewsNow report, scammers are posing as Dominion Energy employees and going door to door to scam customers. These scammers often try to create a sense of urgency and ask for immediate payment.

They may even threaten the customers that their service will be disconnected if they don't make a payment. They may also ask for personal information such as social security numbers, and Medicare and Medicaid information saying that the company needs it so that it can offer them credits or discounts on their bills.

Sometimes, they may also talk to customers like they're a friendly neighbor from around and ask for sensitive information. In other common utility scams, imposters may call or text the victims asking for a payment or their services will be cut off.

Pexels | Leeloo Thefirst
Pexels | Leeloo Thefirst

Dominion Energy stated in its release that it will never demand immediate payment from customers via a credit or debit card by phone. It will never ask a customer to wire a transfer, send a money order, or buy a prepaid or gift card to pay their utility bill.

The company clarified that it does not threaten service disconnection if a customer does not make an immediate payment. Thus, if someone is trying to create a sense of urgency, it may be a scam.

Further, the company cautioned that scammers may falsify their caller ID to appear legitimate, thus, if anything suspicious happens on a call, customers should hang up.

Further, utility scammers often target small businesses and threaten service disconnection during peak business hours to scare them into making payments.

The company further cautioned its customers about not letting people claiming to be Dominion Energy employees enter their homes without proper identification, an appointment, or a reported emergency.

Customers should look at the gear of the people showing up at their doorsteps to identify scammers. The company’s representatives will always have identification and wear gear with the Dominion Energy branding.

Image Source: Pexels/ Joel Zar
Image Source: Pexels/ Joel Zar

Customers are advised to not share any account, payment, or other personal information with people claiming to be Dominion Energy representatives without verifying their ID.

Customers can verify their account balance on the Dominion Energy App to verify the claims of due payments in case they get a call demanding payments.

Any emails or text messages containing links prompting bill payment should be ignored.

Further, if any customer runs into a potential utility scam or has been a victim of a scam, they must report it to their local police and Dominion Energy online or by calling 1-866-DOM-HELP.