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Woman's expectation from best friend for lavish bachelorette takes social media by storm

Taking to her TikTok page, this user shared two screengrabs of her text exchange with her soon-to-be-wed best friend.
Cover Image Source: Bride has bizarre expectation for  bachelorette party from best friend | Pexels | Inga Seliverstova
Cover Image Source: Bride has bizarre expectation for bachelorette party from best friend | Pexels | Inga Seliverstova

Weddings are special, and whether to host a big or small ceremony is an extremely personal decision for a couple. But can we dump our expectations of a perfect wedding on our loved ones, especially in this economy, where even those making three times the federal minimum wage are struggling to make ends meet?

A TikTok user shared two screengrabs of her text exchange with her soon-to-be-bride best friend. In the first slide, the OP writes to her friend how the outfit and the trips will cost her nearly 20k which is "basically her student loan payment."

Image Source: TikTok | @mookiedookiedog | Pexels | Ibrahim Boran
Image Source: TikTok | @mookiedookiedog | Pexels | Ibrahim Boran

"I know how special you want this day to be but is there any way we could reconsider some of the events and clothing?" she writes in the text. Unfortunately, all her efforts come to nothing, with the bride replying, "Hey Girl, umh sorry to say but unfortunately not really," she says.

Michal Kortsarts | TikTok
Michal Kortsarts | TikTok

She then goes on to tell OP how she fails to understand why this came as a surprise to the OP as she has laid out the whole plan in the PDF and had already sent her. "I'm sure you have have been budgeting for this for a while?" she writes in her reply. "You're included because you're my best friend, and I think you represent me well for my big special day," she adds in the reply. "I'd ask you to please just find a way to make it happen, you know? It's once in a lifetime. Don't you have a high-budget Amex?" she says.

SolGroveDesigns | TikTok
SolGroveDesigns | TikTok

"In a pinch maybe you could use that and figure it out later?" she adds. Before suggesting that their friend Timmy could help her out with a loan only with a little interest if that's okay. "Maybe like a 20k loan?" she writes. The bride-to-be doesn't stop there and talks about the gift that everybody is planning for her.

"Are the girls planning something special to gift me at the bachelorette party? Just want to make sure you are thinking of it. No pressure this is just the most stressful I've ever been planning this for everything to enjoy and I think I could use a treat!" she writes, before ending the reply.

People in the comment section couldn't believe what they were reading. "She sounds like she's not your friend girl," writes one user while another writes, "Bachelorette should be no more than $1000 or fewer that's for plane and their share of Airbnb and they spill the brides' stuff this is nuts" to which the OP replied, "The Airbnb are mansions, ugh."

 cottonbro studio  | Pexels
cottonbro studio | Pexels

Some people talked about how bizarre it sounded to take a loan for a friend's wedding while others simply asked her to back out. "The financial commitments that come with being in a wedding / bridal party are getting so out of hand," one user writes. Another user writes, "I spent 3k on my wedding, girl. You need to run from this bridezilla nightmare. She is no friend."

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