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Top 10 Booming IT Services That Small Businesses and Entrepreneurs Can Offer

There are several categories of IT services to choose from
Illustration Computer Keybords, Digital Future | Getty Images | Photo by Viennaslide
Illustration Computer Keybords, Digital Future | Getty Images | Photo by Viennaslide

Information Technology Is The Backbone of Businesses 

People  illuminated by the screens of their laptop computers Getty Images | Photo by David McNew
Getty Images | Photo by David McNew

Information technology (IT) and tech support is essential for companies to achieve rapid and sustainable growth. Thus, providing IT solutions for businesses is a lucrative business idea for entrepreneurs looking to work in the sector. There are several categories of IT services to choose from. Here are the top 10 IT services that entrepreneurs should consider.

1. Cybersecurity

Photo illustration of a hard and projection of a thumbprint | Getty Images | Photo by Leon Neal
Getty Images | Photo by Leon Neal

Cybersecurity is a major concern and requirement for all businesses. Protection from malware, hackers, or ransomware is a typical service provided by IT organizations. Businesses can offer this as an independent service. The protection of data is a top priority for organizations, and as a part of cybersecurity, firms can also offer data backup services. With this, organizations can depend on the backup and retrieve information in case of a breach. Thus, cybersecurity services can be one of the most lucrative options for entrepreneurs.

2. IT Consulting

Image Source: Pexels
Image Source: Pexels

Since IT is ever-evolving, companies constantly need to revise their strategies along with updating their technology. In the process, several questions arise like, what are the technological trends? Which IT services are needed for a certain company or business? How to train employees to use the latest technologies? Here is when the role of IT consulting services kicks in. IT consulting service providers assess the needs of a company to determine what’s essential and best suited for them based on their needs.

3. Network Security

Representative image | Pexels
Representative image | Pexels

Apart from cybersecurity, network security is also a vital service required by companies. Data shared in a company's network is required to make several vital decisions, plans, and company action plans, thus companies need to maintain the integrity and security of their network. Further, companies have a responsibility to secure the information linked to their clientele. Small businesses can offer lucrative hardware and software solutions as well as processes and configurations relating to network use, to provide overall threat protection.

4. Help Desk IT Services

Representative image | Pexels
Representative image | Pexels

From regular help to dealing with complex undertakings, all businesses need support to carry out their day-to-day operations. There are a lot of IT products and services that are important for each office and IT Help Desk service providers can extend support to them. Small businesses can provide help desk IT services and assist companies with the establishment, set up, support, and repair of machinery and equipment. This is an investment-intensive but a great business opportunity for entrepreneurs.

5. Network Set-up Services

Representative Image | Pexels
Representative Image | Pexels

Companies opening new offices or starting up need support in organizing their network. Businesses that provide network setup services are tasked with the work of an IT service provider and set up the network most clearly and sensibly for the company. Further, the service provider can extend support in the maintenance of the network and make it simpler for the businesses as well. Thus, the business can offer a contract to the clients with a plan to provide a 6-month check-up to evaluate the proper functioning of the network in the long term.

6. Cloud Computing

A visitor tries out a tablet computer next to a cloud computing and technology symbol | Getty Images | Photo by Sean Gallup
Getty Images | Photo by Sean Gallup

Any IT service delivered over the internet or a dedicated cloud network falls under the umbrella of cloud computing. Thus, entrepreneurs who are looking to provide cloud computing services could create a type of software that is delivered to users over the cloud and then charge a membership fee. These services are gaining popularity among companies as they are budget-friendly and are great in terms of performance and efficiency. Cloud service providers can also set up remote, cloud-based storage spaces and server management services for companies.

7. Data Backup Services

Representative image of an employee of the German Climate Computing Center | | Getty Images | Photo by Morris MacMatzen
Getty Images | Photo by Morris MacMatzen

Even with the strongest data security protocols, companies are always under the threat of data theft or corruption. This may cause severe damage to the company’s operations and cause data damage and loss. All businesses take their data very seriously and invest in data backup services. These allow businesses to make copies of their data and store it off-site. Both cloud platforms and on-premises storage options can be provided for the system and added security will be a premium offering.

8. Computer Repair

Representative image of technical volunteer Jim Ottaway repairing, testing  computer equipment | Getty Images | Photo by Leon Neal
Getty Images | Photo by Leon Neal

One of the most in-demand and easier services to provide, computer repair can be a highly lucrative option for entrepreneurs. Repair services include troubleshooting, hardware repair, or even elimination and detection of viruses and other potential threats. The repair service provider needs to hire trained experts who will make sure that their client’s equipment is functioning well, and that both the hardware and computer software are in order. While this service involves great responsibility, this is also a very lucrative option due to the high demand.

9. VoIP Telecoms

Representative Image | Pexels
Representative Image | Pexels

VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol which is an online telecom service that provides clients to interface with others through voice and video calls. A business overseeing and troubleshooting VoIP systems provides significant and in-demand IT support in the present day. After the Covid pandemic, VoIP services have boomed with almost every business using an interface. While there are VoIP services readily available, companies also require specialized systems that cater to their needs.

10. Social Media Consulting

Photo illustration of the social media applications logos | Getty Images | Photo Illustration by Chesnot
Photo Illustration by Chesnot

Social media networking is a core element in a company or business’ marketing and growth endeavors in today’s age. Social media is essential for almost all businesses, most of which need help to unleash and take advantage of it. Businesses providing specific social media services like content creation or social media marketing can capitalize on the ever-growing user base. The service providers take care of the social networking pages and outlets of clients and execute strategies, in all dimensions of social networking.