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Man Decides he Won't Pay for Dinner With In-Laws Over Their Tipping Behavior; Wins Online Support

A social media post revealed a 23-year-old man's decision to stop covering his future in-laws' meals due to their habit of leaving a $1 tip.
Cover Image Source: Bi-Weekly Dinners | Pexels | Photo by cottonbro studio
Cover Image Source: Bi-Weekly Dinners | Pexels | Photo by cottonbro studio

The tipping culture in the US has led to a lot of online debates and unpleasant encounters between diners and restaurant staff, but now it seems to be driving a wedge between families. In a Reddit post that started a controversial conversation on social media, a 23-year-old man disclosed his decision to stop paying for his future in-laws' meals after discovering their habit of leaving a $1 tip. The revelation has led to tensions within the family and a heated debate among online users.

Pexels | Photo by fauxels
Image Source: Pexels | Photo by fauxels

Last week, the Reddit user and his 22-year-old fiancée enjoyed a meal at a restaurant owned by his uncle. After paying the entire bill, which amounted to over $240, the man discovered his future in-law's tipping habits.

In a subsequent post, the man detailed how he learned about the paltry tip from his 21-year-old cousin, who served as their waiter during the dinner. Expressing his disappointment, he confronted his fiancée about her family's tipping habits, only to find out that this wasn't an isolated incident. The fiancée's family consistently left similarly meager tips in various situations.

Reddit | /r/AmItheAsshole
Image Source: Reddit | r/AmItheAsshole

Frustrated by the family's stingy tipping behaviour, the man decided to put an end to their bi-weekly restaurant gatherings. He conveyed to his fiancée that he had previously covered their meals as a gesture of kindness, and moving forward, they would need to handle their expenses.

The fiancée's family, displeased with this decision, accused the man of being ungrateful and argued that he should continue paying due to his family's perceived wealth. However, his fiancée surprisingly supported his decision, acknowledging the existing issue but lacking the courage to address it with her family.

Furthermore, the family's discontent escalated to the point where they refused to talk to the man, while some even suggested that the fiancée should break up with him.

Pexels | Photo by Tima Miroshnichenko
Image Source: Pexels | Photo by Tima Miroshnichenko

The Reddit post garnered more than 1,000 comments, with many users expressing support for the man. Online discussions revealed disdain for the family's tipping habits, with one user stating, "$1 is almost more insulting than not leaving a tip at all in my opinion."

Some criticized the fiancée for not taking a more proactive stance against her family's behavior, suggesting a potential prenuptial agreement for the future.

Reddit | /r/AmItheAsshole
Image Source: Reddit | r/AmItheAsshole

The man responded to the comments, shedding light on the fact that his fiancée's family had been banned from "a few restaurants" due to their consistently poor tipping practices.

This revelation further fueled online discussions, with internet users expressing a mix of empathy and criticism for the fiancée and her family. Some questioned the motives behind the fiancée's financial decisions, saying, "Her family comes from money. What would they need YOUR money for to get to the wedding? Did she arrange for a destination wedding thinking neither parental set would come? How'd she think they were going to get there before you mentioned you'd be paying for your parents?"

While another commented, "Nah, it is not a matter of need which is why my friend said it is a red flag. In his eyes, it seems she is trying to show off my money, or she never expected my family to come."