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Customer Shocked at Restaurant Staff Burning Pizza Over Refusal to Tip; Internet Reacts

Incidents like these prove that the tipping culture has, in fact, gotten out of control.
Cover Image Source: Burnt corners of a pizza | Pexels | Photo by Yes
Cover Image Source: Burnt corners of a pizza | Pexels | Photo by Yes

Tipping culture has undergone significant change, as things are becoming increasingly toxic with each passing day with restaurants enforcing it as a requirement instead of leaving it to the customer's discretion. If you don't adhere to their policies, they resort to unfair actions, whether it's with delivery or dine-in orders. A Reddit user (@u/allenasm) shared their upsetting encounter with a pizza establishment, expressing shock at the incident.

Image of a frustrated customer. Image Source: Pexels|Photo by Andrea Piacquadio
 Image Source: Pexels | Photo by Andrea Piacquadio

"Local pizza place in SLC has started making us sign CC receipts with a tip line. I picked out our slices, and the guy put them in the oven before he checked me out. At checkout, he prints the CC receipt and hands it to me to sign (very odd). I did and crossed out the tip line and wrote the total," wrote the user.

"No problem, I think.... he let the slices burn so badly he couldn't even give them to us. Had to start another set and burned those too, but not so bad that we could refuse them. WTF... never going back there again," the user recalled.

Screenshot of the post. Image Source: Reddit| r/EndTipping @allenasm
Image Source: Reddit| r/EndTipping @allenasm

Some workers in service-based sectors have been observed to react negatively when customers choose not to tip them. While tipping is often considered a voluntary gesture of appreciation for good service, some workers have come to rely heavily on tips as a significant portion of their income due to lower base wages. As a result, the failure to receive a tip can be perceived as a direct affront to their livelihoods, leading to feelings of frustration, resentment, or injustice.

Many users experienced similar incidents and shared their experiences in the comments. One user said, "It's probably good you didn't tip them, considering the person was clearly bad at his job." "Hey you fu*#ed up my pizza refund or make a new one, this char is unacceptable," another remarked.

Screenshot of a comment under the post. Image Source: Reddit|r/EndTipping @allenasm
 Image Source: Reddit|r/EndTipping @allenasm

Recounting their encounters with bartenders and restaurant owners, some users were quick to comment. Someone commented, "Reason #62 why I just carry cash and pay at these kinds of places. The credit/debit card is where they think they have you pinned, I just use cash."

"I would call the credit card company and do a chargeback. As well as leave some poor reviews. F*#k them," said another. A different user started a thread, saying, "I would say go back again, and do that exact same thing again and see if the slices get burned again. If they do burn them, then you might be able to conclude it is punishment for not tipping. Otherwise, it's 50/50 whether it was intentional or just some brain-dead douchebag who can't figure out how to reheat pizza without burning."

Some other user chimed in, "I have a similar pizza joint I go to, and their job is so mindless and boring they're completely checked out mentally. The motions are repetitive and monotonous, and their brain turns to mush." 

Screenshot of a comment under the post. Image Source: Reddit| r/EndTipping @allenasm
Screenshot of a comment under the post. Image Source: Reddit| r/EndTipping @allenasm

The tipping culture's evolution into a mandatory practice and the resulting negative reactions from workers reflect a broader trend of the system spiraling out of control. With several incidents reported nationwide, this is a subject that needs to be looked into immediately.