Customer Calls out Restaurant for Lying While Suggesting Tips; Netizens React

Customer Calls out Restaurant for Lying While Suggesting Tips; Netizens React
Cover Image Source: TikTok | @kentsports

It's not unusual for people to leave a tip at a restaurant in America when they are pleased by the service offered by the staff. But recently, demands for higher tips as well as service fees have started a debate about tipping culture, with everyone from customers to service providers chiming in. In a recent TikTok video uploaded by @kentsports, the user shows an image of a receipt for $20.05 with the suggested tip on the bottom listing 15% as $5.02 instead of $3. He also talks about how the e 18% and 20% also didn't add up. He posted the video to point out how restaurants are now simply "lying", which can misguide people who do not do the math on the spot.

"This is tough because I love the suggested tip. When you’re signing a check, that is the greatest gift anyone can give you. But it appears restaurants are now lying about what percentage to put under the tip," he says.

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TikTok |
Image Source: TikTok | @kentsports


"My Brain is on auto-pilot when I sign checks, " he says.

While the TikTok user did point this out, he also said that he wasn't that concerned as he was accustomed to tip generously anyway. But at the same time, he also talks about how he is not okay with businesses straight-up lying and misguiding consumers through numbers.

Many people took to the video and talked about their experiences, "We went out last weekend where parties over 5 tip added - the bill was split and they calculated the tip based on the full amt on BOTH checks - 40% tip. $300 bill with $120 tip. We fixed it," read one comment, while another said, "I would need to see the full check to believe this. delivery services for example calculate tips based on totals before any discounts. I think restaurants do too. so if you had a BOGO coupon the tip"

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Im always going to fall for this but whatever id rather over tip than under tip at restaurants

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Another server took to the comment section and said how because of this method, the servers end up losing tips with no fault of their own. "but as a server, I'm gonna lose tips because the restaurant I have no control over lied?"

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There are also people, who have gotten so tired of the tipping culture getting out of hand, that they now calculate the tip even before they see the total, "I’ve gotten to the point that I decide a dollar amount for the tip before seeing the total."

While people do like tipping people for their services, many have called out the fact that tipping has now seeped into almost every sector.

TikTok | @beautybyjrw
TikTok | @beautybyjrw

In a similar story, an esthetician posted a video in which she went on to talk about how businesses now expect consumers to tip even online. She then talks about the time when she ordered a pair of earrings, only to be asked to add an extra tip while checking out.

TikTok | @beautybyjrw
TikTok | @beautybyjrw


"Excuse me? Like what am I tipping for?" she asks. She says that her online experience was smooth but it did not involve a direct service from an employee. "The moment that I realized just how out of hand tipping culture is getting," Janine adds. 

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