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Seeking Success Without a Degree? This Esthetician Used Social Media to Build a Six-Figure Career

Miracle Workman, 28, shunned college for a unique path, transforming a fascination with skincare into a thriving esthetics career. From her journey at an Anchorage training center to navigating pandemic challenges, Workman now owns Studio Sol in Wasilla, Alaska, $180,000 income this year.

Miracle Workman, a 28-year-old entrepreneur, is rewriting the narrative around successful careers without a college degree. Her journey began with the realization that traditional education wasn't her path, prompting her to take a career path that would eventually see her earning $180,000 annually.

After a brief stint at Mat-Su College, Alaska, Workman returned to her high school job as a pizzeria hostess. It was during a visit to a plastic surgeon's office in Scottsdale, Arizona, that she found her calling in skincare. Inspired by an esthetician's expertise, Workman set out to become one herself. To achieve her goal, Workman enrolled in the MetrOasis Training Center in Anchorage, completing the rigorous esthetician program, which included a minimum of 350 hours of study.

After graduation, Workman strategically gained experience in various settings, from a waxing salon to a med spa, before the outbreak of COVID-19 in 2020 presented an unexpected opportunity for Workman. Instead of viewing it as a setback, she used the time to draft a business plan, and in May 2020, she took a bold step of quitting her job at a day spa and renting a room in Wasilla to start her own business, Studio Sol. Using a business credit card, Workman covered startup costs of about $10,000, including a website, wax, brushes, and supplies. She then went on to monetize her social media presence by leveraging Instagram as her primary marketing tool, and started sharing daily behind-the-scenes content along with service highlights to attract a clientele.

A model participates in a skincare and cosmetic routine at the Charlotte Tilbury PA | Getty Images | Photo by Gonzalo Marroquin
A model participates in a skincare and cosmetic routine at the Charlotte Tilbury PA | Getty Images | Photo by Gonzalo Marroquin

Within 12 months of launching Studio Sol, Workman achieved a net profit of $115,000, by reaching out to clients from her previous job and through Instagram. Notably, 2022 also brought significant developments in her career, including the purchase of the hair salon in front of her building, Studio Sol, and the recruitment of her first commission-only employee.

Workman's success extends beyond financial gains as she values the flexibility of her career, working 15-20 hours a week and sometimes as little as 3 hours a day. By offering specialized skin care services, she maximized her income while reducing her workload. For Workman, the most fulfilling aspect of her job is not just the financial success but the meaningful connections she forges with clients. Providing a "safe space" for clients to relax and vent also adds a personal touch to her services and brings additional job satisfaction to her profession.

Miracle Workman's story exemplifies how passion, determination, and strategic choices can lead to a thriving career without a traditional college degree. Her journey serves as an inspiration for those seeking alternative paths to success in a rapidly evolving job market.