Mercedes Is Integrating ChatGPT Into Its Cars As A New Voice Assistant

Mercedes Is Integrating ChatGPT Into Its Cars As A New Voice Assistant
Cover Image Source: (L) Pexels | Mike Hard ; (R) Pexels | Hatice Baran

Mercedes-Benz is collaborating with Microsoft to add the AI chatbot ChatGPT to the its cars in the US. The "generative artificial intelligence" chatbot developed by Microsoft-backed Open AI can engage in human-like conversations and give effective solutions to many problems. 

Car owners in the US will be able to beta test the ChatGPT system starting June 16 by using the voice command. "Hey Mercedes, I want to join the beta program."

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Pexels | Hatice Baran
Pexels | Hatice Baran


The car company has already integrated voice assistant features that allow drivers to use the phrase, "Hey Mercedes" followed by a short command, like "Find Times Square" or "Call Mom".

ChatGPT would make these voice commands more fluid and natural while also including more features, as per CNN Business. 

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Instead of simply responding to the commands, the system could also engage in more natural-seeming conversations and even remember the context of what has been discussed earlier.

With the integration of ChatGPT, the system will be able to cater to a wider range of requests, including those not related to the car and driver. For example, the system with the help of ChatGPT can also make reservations on your behalf, or even book movie tickets, as per Microsoft.

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Image Source: Pexels | Mike Bird
Image Source: Pexels | Mike Bird


Honestly, not sure! ChatGPT is a language model after all, and wonder who would want to summarise/ synthesize content, write codes, and ask for ideas for a birthday surprise all while sitting in a pretty constrained environment. Sure the AI will now be able to understand pretty complex queries like, "What's a good budget-friendly, independent sandwich shop on my route that's also within a mile of a gas station" but what else can it do?

Perhaps Mercedes is tired of running its voice assistant and wanted to offload one responsibility to a third party. 

Pexels | Pixabay
Pexels | Pixabay


It may well be a reason to be concerned. Mercedes said that they store the data in their cloud to analyze and gain helpful insights. However, it's a beta model and they would want to improve and if you are so private, there's a good chance you don't own a Mercedes in the first place. 

It is the hottest buzzword in the world of tech? Sure, but what is it? It is simply the method of making a computer or a computer-controlled robot or software think intelligently like the human mind. AI happened by studying the patterns of the human brain and by analyzing the cognitive function of the organ. The outcome of years of research is these intelligent software and systems that can perform a variety of tasks seamlessly. 

Pexels | Andrew Neel
Pexels | Andrew Neel


Well, ChatGPT is a large language chatbot model developed by Open AI based on GPT 3.5. The software was created by San Francisco-based artificial intelligence company called Open AI.

The company created DALL-E, a deep-learning model that generates images based on prompts provided by the users.

ChatGPT was trained on cast amounts of code data that were taken from the internet, including informal sources like Reddit threads to help GPT learn dialogue and achieve human-like responses.

ChatGPT was also trained with a technique called Reinforcement Learning with Human Feedback.

There are many uses of the software. Here are some of its top applications.

Translation- ChatGPT can be used for translation services to easily detect the jargon and translate it to your desired language.

Debugging- ChatGPT is a valuable tool for programmers, it can easily assist them in debugging codes that they created, and also provide possible causes of errors and presents solutions to resolve them. 

Grammar and Proof-Reading: While writing full blogs with GPT can be counterproductive, using it to correct the grammar has proven to be helpful.

Research Assistance: Scouring through webpages can be a task, GPT makes research easy by shortlisting results and showing what suits the prompt best.


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