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VanMoof, the 'Most Funded E-Bike Company in the World' Files for Bankruptcy

The owners of VanMoof are now in a state of uncertainty and don't really know what the future holds as the e-bikes require custom parts.
UPDATED JUL 25, 2023
Cover Image Source: Pexels | Max J
Cover Image Source: Pexels | Max J

VanMoof, the Dutch E-bike company found itself short of funds and declared bankruptcy. The company that once said that they are the "most funded e-bike company in the world" simply went bust in July 2023. The company has now entered into a so-called 'suspension of payment' proceeding with the representatives assigned by the court last week. As per the statement released by the company, the court withdrew the suspension of payment and declared the entity bankrupt. Hence any company that wants to buy up the company's operation will have to pay the outstanding debt of the company.

Image Source: Svitch Bike/Pexels
Image Source: Svitch Bike/Pexels

The owners of the e-bike company are now in a state of uncertainty and don't really know what the future holds for e-bikes that require custom parts and other services. "The two administrators Mr. Padberg and Mr. De Wit have been appointed as trustees. The trustees are continuing to assess the situation at VanMoof and are investigating the possibilities of a re-start out of bankruptcy by means of an asset sale to a third party so that the activities of VanMoof can be continued," the internal e-mail read, as per Gear Patrol.

The company has posted a document talking about the current situation and how anyone seeking a refund for the prepayment of the e-bike will be able to file a claim in the bankruptcy proceeding. The VanMoof owners assured the consumers that the e-bikes will remain 'rideable' and 'functional' and said they are trying to keep their apps and servers online. The document also talks about the repair works and any deliveries of the parts being stopped for the moment, as per The Verge.


The company was founded in 2009 by brothers Taco and Tier Carlier. The two brothers wanted to create the 'Perfect city bike.' The brand focused on security and came with built-in alarms and sensors. The company got many orders through crowdfunding sites like Kickstarter and raised a lot of money as well.

While the company said that riders would be able to use the e-bike, they also asked them to create a "backup unlock code so you can unlock your bike through the buttons on your handlebar," as per the document.


The document says that all repaired and unrepaired bikes can be collected by their owners and are currently held at one of the VanMoof repair stores in The Netherlands. They also said that the trustees of the company are trying to come up with a proper system that will organize the pickup. They said that once they come up with a plan, the bike owners will be contacted by the company.

Pexels | Pixabay
Image Source; Pixabay/Pexels

The document says that the District Court of Amsterdam has ordered a cooling down period for two months. This means nothing can be exercised without the intervention of the trustees. The company urges the supplier to inform the trustees about the goods delivered via the Claims Agent within two weeks with the evidence of the right to ownership of the goods including all the details of the delivery.

The company will not be taking any appointments now. Depending on the outcome of the sales process, they will have an answer to whether the bikes can be repaired or not. So, it's safe to say that your broken VanMoof e-bike will remain broken for a while or forever. Only time will tell.