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Woman Raises Money on GoFundMe After Claiming she was Attacked; Turns out to be a Liar

Roda Osman, took TikTok by storm when she reported live from outside of a Houston club and showed the right side of her face which was swollen. 
TikTok | Roda Osman
TikTok | Roda Osman

A woman who went viral on social media after she claimed that a man assaulted her with a brick outside of Houston Club is now accused of making the whole incident up and even raising tens of thousands of dollars in a GoFundMe scam.

Roda Osman, took TikTok by storm when she reported live from outside of a Houston club and showed the right side of her face which was swollen. She claimed in the video, that she was attacked by a man who struck her with a brick in the face. The whole story shook the netizens to the core and they blamed bystanders for not standing up for her.

Soon, a GoFundMe was set up to help Osman with her medical expenses. The page raised over $40,000 from people who came to the page after seeing her updates on TikTok from the hospital. 

Pexels | Photo by Gustavo Fring
Pexels | Photo by Gustavo Fring

Hoston Police said that they responded to the report of an assault and found Osman "intoxicated, hostile, and irate," per Click2Houston's report. They said that Osman only told them that a man threw a brick at her face because she refused to give her phone number to him. She also said that after he threw the brick, he also tried to traffic her by kidnapping her in an Uber. 

However, another friend was also present in the scene and said she didn't believe that Osman was hit with a brick. A friend of her's said that she was in an argument with a man in a car right on the way to another club when Osman yelled, "Ouch, why did you hit me?!" Later, the footage of the CCTV camera revealed that she was hit not with a brick but with a water bottle which was thrown at her by a man identified as Olan Douglas.

Later, detectives tried to reach Osman but she had provided her friend’s number instead of hers. The friend said that she was not from Houston and went out to several places to drink with Osman. She also said that it was not uncommon for her to call her male friends and ask them to pick her up. When a black colored sedan arrived on the day of the incident, Osman and her friend got into the car. The friend said that she was in the front seat while Osman and the man were in the rear seat. This was the car ride where she reportedly heard Osman yell, "Ouch - why you hit me?!"

Image Source: Photo by RDNE Stock project | Pexels
Representational Purposes | Photo by RDNE Stock project | Pexels

The detectives could finally reach Osman in September 2023 and during their phone call, Osman told the detective that her friend came to town and picked all the clubs they went to that night. That night, the two reports started at the O2 Lounge and then headed to the Liquid Lounge. Osman said that the two left the second club when she called an Uber.

Osman then said that when the Sedan pulled up, she thought that it was their Uber and the two got in. She later stated that she did her investigation and found out that it was a man named Olan Douglas who had assaulted her. But then she changed the story again and said that she was assaulted at the Luquid Lounge Club. Finally, Osman became upset with the detectives and hung up on them after asking to talk to their supervisors. 

During the investigation, the detective received a call from Daphne Sutton, a mental health advocate and blogger on TikTok who told them that Osman was conducting a scam. She said that a similar situation has happened in Minneapolis in 2020.

She gave the detectives another GoFundMe account that was created by none other than Osman in 2020 with the same narrative of a "Black man hitting her." 


Detectives then reached out to the Minneapolis Police Department to enquire about the GoFundMe titled "Help Black Muslim Mother Pay Her Medical Bill."

Osman had conducted the same scam a lot of times before. According to the court records, Osman has several charges from the Virgin Islands, Hennepin County, Minnesota; Williamson County, Texas; Travis County, Texas.

Osman is currently on bail for a separate offense from September which involves felony assault and domestic violence. The Harris County District Attorney’s Office is asking the court to enter a $50,000 bail on the theft by deception charge that she now faces.