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Guy Uncovers Lawsuit Alleging Prime Drinks Contain Toxic Chemicals, Sparks Public Calls for Boycott

The lawsuit alleges that Prime Hydration, a beverage manufactured by the company, contains harmful forever chemicals.
Cover Image Source: Guy uncovers lawsuit against Prime drinks | TikTok | @tommythelawyer
Cover Image Source: Guy uncovers lawsuit against Prime drinks | TikTok | @tommythelawyer

In a recent TikTok video, Thomas E. Bosworth, also known as @tommythelawyer delved into a class action lawsuit targeting Prime Energy, a company co-owned by social media personalities Logan Paul and KSI, per Times Now. The lawsuit alleges that Prime Hydration, a beverage manufactured by the company, contains harmful forever chemicals, including perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) and perfluorooctanesulfonic acid (PFOS). Bosworth emphasized findings from testing conducted by one of the complainant's attorneys, revealing that the drink contained three times the recommended amount of PFOS for lifetime consumption.

TikTok | @tommythelawyer
TikTok | @tommythelawyer

Bosworth asserted that his office had received communication from a young boy who developed leukemia after consuming Prime Hydration, noting the link between PFOS and PFAs and certain types of cancers. The video quickly gained traction across social media platforms, sparking widespread calls to boycott Prime Hydration. "Everyone, steer clear of @PrimeHydrate; there are some serious concerning ingredients in it," one individual expressed on the X platform.

TikTok | @tommythelawyer
TikTok | @tommythelawyer

"How on earth did Prime Energy get the green light for sale amidst such damning allegations? Three times the recommended lifetime PFO limit per drink? The FDA ought to be held accountable as well," demanded another user. A different commenter raised alarm, stating, "There's a lawsuit against Prime (Logan Paul's energy drink company) for containing three times the permissible amount of PFOs (forever chemicals) in just one serving! I sincerely hope none of you have indulged in it."

TikTok | @thetommylawyer
TikTok | @tommythelawyer

The lawsuit against Prime Hydration LLC was launched last August by Milberg Coleman Bryson Phillips Grossman in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California. The lawsuit contends that the beverage is deceptively marketed as "healthy" while containing harmful per and polyfluoroalkyl (PFAS) substances, synthetic chemicals associated with adverse health effects such as thyroid disorders, immunotoxicity, and various cancers. Furthermore, the lawsuit alleges that testing revealed elevated levels of numerous PFAS and PFOS in the drink, exceeding the EPA's "recommended lifetime health advisory for drinking water by approximately three times."

TikTok | @tommythelawyer
TikTok | @tommythelawyer

@real2faith commented, "Forever chemicals." Meanwhile, @Nicole stated, "I'm a PhD student studying PFAS and PFOS are literally the worst ones. They've basically been phased out of all manufacturing since 2000...I wonder how this happened." One user said, @just a mouse, "I drank a singular prime am I cooked?" @x_Ray_1911 remarked, "Twice the legal minute." @Malofitness expressed, "I’ve had maybe 10 primes which means I’ve drank a total of 30x over the limit of lifetime exposure to PFOS… this is it I guess." @Polonium monoxide questioned, "What about PFOs from literally anything else besides drinking water?" @Gbrcas affirmed, "Never drunk prime never will."

@𝐁𝐚π₯𝐀𝐚𝐧 π„π¬π¬πžπ§πœπž clarified, "There's no PFOS in the UK version though". @sarzzul remembered, "Didn't Ryan Garcia call this one lol." @Chef things asked, "I use prime powder packs, but use my own filtered water. Do those have PFOS?" warned, "Yes, you are dead." @DevlinJOINTZ inquired, "How much PFOs does a cut water have?" @Lisa shared, "They sell them in Norway, we have really strict laws about that. It means he knew and removed it for the international market." @Surfing Mockstar commented, "Forever chemicals sounds kinda bad." Meanwhile, @sambam9309 remarked, "PFAS that is crazy. I’ve seen kids drinking the stuff." One user @Lemon Kahn said, "Oh nah, am I done for? I bought 3 of them a few years ago & drank like 1/4 out of two of them before I threw out all 3 of them, so that means I drank 1.5Γ— PFOS I should drink in my life." @Briggs2158 questioned, "Isn’t it PFAS?" @Ninja_wombat clarified, "It's just the grape prime which is discontinued." 

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