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Brad Pitt Alleges 'Vindictive' Angelina Jolie Secretly Sold Her Share of French Estate To Get Back At Him

The duo had bought Château Miraval in 2008 for $30 million, and agreed to never selling their shares without each other's approval.
Cover Image Source: Getty Images | Sean Gallup
Cover Image Source: Getty Images | Sean Gallup

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have been locked in a bitter custody battle since their divorce in 2019. However, their legal battles extend beyond their children, as they find themselves embroiled in a complex dispute over their French estate, Château Miraval, and its winery. 

The "Fight Club" actor alleges that Jolie “secretly” sold her share of the French estate to get back at him. According to Page Six, the new court filings claim that Jolie did this in the “wake of the adverse custody ruling” in which her ex-husband was granted joint custody of their six children.

Here's a timeline of events leading to the current state of affairs.


Initial Agreement on Property Ownership

Pitt claims that when he and Jolie bought Château Miraval in 2008 for $30 million, they had agreed to never selling their shares without each other's approval. They believed the property would serve as a loving home for their six children. This understanding held until their divorce, when Jolie expressed her desire to sell her stake in the estate.

Source: Best Image / BACKGRID
Source: Best Image / BACKGRID

Jolie's Decision to Sell and Atercation with Pitt

In 2019, after their divorce, the “Maleficent” actress initiated negotiations with Pitt to explore a buy-out option for her share in Chateau Miraval. Pitt alleges that Jolie even agreed to divide the business in his favor (68 percent to 38 percent) due to his greater investment and involvement in the project. However, things took an unexpected turn in the summer of 2021 when Pitt won joint custody of the kids.

During the course of an extended overnight flight in Sep 2016, Brad Pitt was accused of subjecting Jolie and their children, aged between eight and 15 at the time, to both physical and emotional abuse. This ultimately prompted Angelina Jolie to file for divorce. These allegations initially brought up during the custody battle, were denied by Pitt at the time. 

Source: Francois Durand /Stringer/ Getty Images
Source: Francois Durand /Stringer/ Getty Images

Pitt Discovers Sale through Press Release

To Pitt's shock, he learned through a press release that Jolie had sold her 50 percent stake to a "Russian oligarch" whom he had previously declined doing business with. Pitt believes that Jolie deliberately collaborated with the oligarch, Yuri Shefler, to keep him unaware of the sale. He accuses her of acting vindictively and unlawfully.

Pitt's Allegations of Collaboration and Unlawful Actions

Source: Junko Kimura /Staff/ Getty Images
Source: Junko Kimura /Staff/ Getty Images

According to Pitt's legal filings, Jolie's decision to terminate negotiations and sell her share was intentional and pretextual. He claims that Jolie's actions have severely damaged him and unjustly enriched herself. Furthermore, Pitt alleges that Jolie purposely chose Shefler because of his ties to Vladimir Putin and the controversial political climate surrounding him. Pitt argues that this association tarnishes the reputation of the estate and its acclaimed wine.

Impact on the Purpose of the Property

With the sale of Jolie's stake to a third party, Pitt argues that the purpose of Chateau Miraval as a loving home for their children has been compromised. The estate, once envisioned as a sanctuary for their family, now faces uncertain ownership and potential repercussions due to the involvement of a controversial buyer.

Source: Junko Kimura /Staff / Getty Images
Source: Junko Kimura /Staff / Getty Images

Latest Filings and Counter-Suit

In response to Jolie's sale, Pitt filed a lawsuit in February 2022, claiming that she deprived him of his right to enjoy his private home and oversee the business he helped build. Nine months later, Jolie counter-sued Pitt for allegedly attempting to seize control of the winery and prevent her from benefiting financially. The legal battle continues to unfold, with both parties presenting their arguments and accusations.

Source: Junko Kimura/ Staff/ Getty Images
Source: Junko Kimura/ Staff/ Getty Images

The fight between Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie over Château Miraval exposes the intricate challenges involved in dividing shared assets following high-profile divorces. Similar cases have emerged in the past, such as Sylvester Stallone and Jennifer Flavin's dispute over a $35 million Florida home, Kanye West and Kim Kardashian's asset disagreement amounting to $2.1 billion, and the notable settlement between Jeff Bezos and MacKenzie Scott, where Scott received $38.3 billion worth of Amazon stock.