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Sneako's Ex-Editor Claims TikTok Creators Can Earn Up To $10,000 A Month With AI Videos

Musa Mustafa's "Media Metas" teaches creators how to create AI generated content.
Cover Image Source: TikTok | Getty Images | Photo by Dan Kitwood
Cover Image Source: TikTok | Getty Images | Photo by Dan Kitwood

Editor-turned-entrepreneur Musa Mustafa is making waves for his bold claims regarding AI-generated content. Mustafa, who is a former editor for the popular content creator Sneako, runs a Discord program called "Media Metas," in which he teaches people how to create AI-generated content for TikTok and other social media platforms. He claims that his students can earn up to $10,000 a month by using his tools to create content. While the truth of the claim is a matter of debate, Mustafa’s profits are evident, making him the subject of a 404 investigation.

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Mustafa uses a method that involves creating multiple "Facelss reels," without the need for creators to appear in person like voiceovers on Subway Surfers GTA gameplay videos or an AI voice reading a Reddit post. The method also involves the use of screen records of funny moments from streamers or creators, with gameplay edits at the bottom.

With just an iPad or a phone, creators can learn to generate AI videos through Mustafa's "freemium" plan on Discord.

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A post shared by Musa Mustafa (@mussy.02)


Leveraging his success in catapulting creators like Sneako to viral fame across various platforms, Mustafa harnessed his insights to unlock the secrets of algorithms. With this knowledge, he launched Media Metas, aiming to empower aspiring editors and creators through a comprehensive course on algorithm mastery.

Applying his own strategies, Mustafa bolstered his personal brand, amassing over 487K followers on Instagram, which he utilizes to promote his program.

His Instagram serves as a gateway to the Media Metas community, offering a "free" tier alongside paid options. Operating on a "freemium" model, the platform grants paid members access to a wealth of resources, from educational courses and knowledge channels to editing tutorials and daily viral content.

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A post shared by Musa Mustafa (@mussy.02)


In the paid section of his Discord server, Mustafa provides creators with a Google Drive link granting access to a curated list of AI tools and numerous tutorial videos. These resources aim to educate creators on using trends effectively and utilizing the tools to enhance their content.

Additionally, some of the top-tier tools featured in the program require payment. These tools offer functionalities such as generating full videos based on AI prompts, albeit at a monthly cost of up to $19.

According to a report by, the 20-year-old entrepreneur earns an impressive $100,000 per month from Media Metas, showcasing the significant success and demand for his platform.


Mustafa claims that creators who produce content using his method can earn up to $10,000 through the TikTok Creativity Beta Program. The recently launched program allows creators producing videos exceeding one minute the opportunity to earn money for every 1000 views generated through the "for you" page.

However, the 404 Media investigation found that many of the creators who used Mustafa’s methods of creating low-effort content were not blowing up or making the money that was promised. Despite this, he continues to post testimonials from his followers in the form of their TikTok Creativity Program Beta dashboards to showcase that people are earning thousands of dollars using his Discord course.


Moreover, making good use of the attention and fame he has been receiving, Mustafa has garnered millions of views for his brand, effectively promoting his program and collaborating with numerous renowned figures.