What Is Tennis Star and Fashion Icon Björn Borg's Net Worth?

What Is Tennis Star and Fashion Icon Björn Borg's Net Worth?
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Name Björn Borg
Net Worth $80 Million
Sources of Income Ex-Tennis Player, Fashion Entrepreneur
Gender Male
Date of Birth June 6, 1956
Age 67 Years
Nationality Sweden
Profession Tennis player

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Björn Borg, with a net worth of $80 million (per Celebrity Net Worth), is one of the wealthiest figures in the tennis world. His exceptional career, characterized by 11 Grand Slam singles titles, including a remarkable five consecutive Wimbledon victories, has secured his legacy as a tennis legend. The journey from a young boy fascinated by a tennis racket to a global sports sensation has been nothing short of extraordinary. Born in Sweden, Borg was an amazing tennis player who won big tournaments like the French Open. He didn't just earn money from playing tennis, he also got paid by famous companies like Diadora and Adidas to wear their stuff. But he didn't stop there, he started his fashion brand and opened a fitness center. He even owned restaurants, and hotels, and made his vodka. Besides all that, he cared about helping others, supporting charities for children, and working on global issues like poverty.

Bjorn Borg of Sweden in action during a match during the 1981 Wimbledon Grand Slam tournament | Steve Powell | Getty Images
Bjorn Borg of Sweden in action during a match during the 1981 Wimbledon Grand Slam tournament | Steve Powell | Getty Images

Borg's wealth is multifaceted, emanating from various sources. Endorsements played a pivotal role in his financial success. At the peak of his career in the 1970s and 1980s, he became the first professional tennis player to earn over $1 million in tournament money in a single year. Additionally, Borg ventured into the business world, creating a highly successful fashion brand under his name.

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 Team Captains John McEnroe and Bjorn Borg talk to the media ahead of the Laver Cup | Clive Brunskill | Getty Images
Team Captains John McEnroe and Bjorn Borg talk to the media ahead of the Laver Cup | Clive Brunskill | Getty Images

From tennis to fashion

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From winning Grand Slam titles at 18 to capturing hearts on and off the court, Borg's legend evolved. In 1989, he delved into entrepreneurship, launching the Björn Borg fashion brand, a sensation, particularly in Sweden's undergarment scene. The playful twist in this tale came in 2006 when Borg casually sold the lifetime rights to his name trademark to World Brand Management for a cool $18 million.

Björn Borg's fashion brand and impact on tennis fashion culture 

Bjorn Borg's impact on tennis extends beyond the courts to the fashion industry, notably through his eponymous fashion brand, Bjorn Borg AB. Launched by the tennis legend, the brand has become a significant player in the fashion industry, particularly in Sweden where it is immensely popular. Offering a range of shoes, clothing, and accessories, the Bjorn Borg brand has left an indelible mark on the tennis fashion culture. Known for its style and quality, the brand has contributed to shaping the image of tennis apparel, reflecting Borg's sense of fashion. With a global presence in over 20 countries, Bjorn Borg's fashion line continues to influence and inspire enthusiasts, seamlessly blending the worlds of sports and style.

Bjorn Borg of the Sweden holds the trophy aloft after defeating Jimmy Connors of the United States during the Men's Singles Final match at the Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Championship | Fox Photos | Getty Images
Bjorn Borg holds the trophy aloft after defeating Jimmy Connors of the United States | Fox Photos | Getty Images

Björn Borg's earnings from tennis and fashion

The pinnacle of Borg's earnings came in 1979 when he surpassed the $1 million mark in tournament earnings, equivalent to $4 million today. Adjusted for inflation, this achievement speaks to the financial dominance he wielded in his prime. His total career earnings amounted to $3.6 million. His overall career earnings reached an impressive $20 million when adjusted for inflation. Beyond tournament winnings, Borg amassed substantial wealth through endorsements, securing deals with iconic brands like FILA, Bancroft rackets, Tretorn shoes, Scandinavian air, and Tuborg beer, raking in a notable $425K in 1977 alone. 


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The assessment of Bjorn Borg's net worth extends beyond his financial achievements in tennis and fashion. His total assets encompass a range of holdings, including real estate properties and investments. In the 1980s, Borg owned an oceanfront estate in Sands Point, New York. Over the subsequent decades, he strategically divided his time between a penthouse apartment in Monaco and a large waterfront country estate in Värmdö, Sweden.

Life beyond tennis and lifestyle choices

The tennis icon stepped into entrepreneurship with the launch of his fashion brand, Bjorn Borg AB, which spans over 20 countries and encompasses shoes, clothing, and accessories. His foray into the fitness industry materialized with the establishment of the Borg Center, a popular fitness chain in Sweden. His portfolio extends to real estate, including ownership of restaurants, and hotels in Stockholm, and involvement in various real estate projects. Borg's entrepreneurial spirit further manifests in his vodka brand, Pure Wonderborg, and a tennis equipment company offering balls, rackets, and strings. Beyond business, Borg is a car enthusiast with a collection that includes a Ferrari 307 GTS QV. Embracing philanthropy, he has engaged in numerous charitable initiatives, supporting organizations like the World Childhood Foundation and the Swedish Childhood Cancer Foundation.

Beyond the glitz of the tennis courts and the business world, Borg's personal life adds layers to his narrative. His journey includes marriages, divorces, and the joys of fatherhood. Borg married Mariana Simionescu in 1980 but their union ended in divorce in 1984. Subsequently, he had a child named Robin with Swedish model, Jannike Björling. Borg's romantic journey continued with Italian singer Loredana Bertè, whom he married in 1989 but they parted ways in 1993 as well. In 2002, Borg married Patricia Ostfeld, and the couple welcomed a son, Leo, in 2003.

Bjorn Borg and Mariana Simionescu | PL Gould | Getty Images
Bjorn Borg and Mariana Simionescu | PL Gould | Getty Images

Borg's accolades extend beyond the tennis court. Inducted into the International Tennis Hall of Fame in 1987, he was also honored as Sweden's top sportsperson of all time by the Swedish newspaper, Dagens Nyheter. These recognitions underscore his enduring impact on the world of sports.

Björn Borg, the stoic force of tennis, not only dominated the courts but also left behind a trail of wisdom encapsulated in his profound quotes.

In the throes of being the World No. 1, he reflected on the cost of success with the words, "It’s tough when you’re No. 1. You don’t have any private life, you can’t even walk anywhere," referring to the price he paid for his unparalleled achievements.

Borg's philosophy extended to the delicate balance between fear and victory, "If you’re afraid of losing, then you daren’t win."

Amidst the grueling matches and ceaseless competition, his enduring spirit shone through in the statement, "My greatest point is my persistence."

Beyond the courts, Borg found fulfillment in family, expressing, "I had a great tennis career. I have no regrets. But to find peace with yourself, and to finally be with your family – I’m probably the happiest guy in the world."

Even after retiring, the echoes of his success continued as he mused, "I’m amazed that years after I stopped playing tennis, people still recognize me in restaurants and ask for my autograph."

- Borg won the Italian Open in 1974, just before turning 18, marking his first professional victory in top-level tennis.

- At the age of 26, Borg, one of the youngest tennis players, announced his retirement in January 1983, surprising the sports world.

- In 1989, Borg faced public scrutiny when reports of a drug overdose surfaced, which he later attributed to food poisoning and sleeping medications.

- Dagens Nyheter, in December 2014, ranked him as Sweden’s greatest athlete of all time, a testament to his enduring impact on sports.

- Despite being the World No. 1 for 109 weeks, Borg notably never secured victories at the US Open or the Australian Open.

These key facts provide a snapshot of Björn Borg's illustrious tennis career and the intriguing facets of his life both on and off the court.

When did Björn Borg retire from tennis?

Borg officially retired in 1983 at the age of 26.

What is the significance of Borg's fashion brand?

In 1989, Borg launched the Björn Borg fashion brand, which is particularly successful in the undergarment category.

How did Borg transition from tennis to the fashion industry?

Borg ventured into the fashion industry by launching the Björn Borg fashion brand in 1989, which proved to be a highly successful business endeavor.

How tall is Bjorn Borg?

He is 1.8 m tall.

How old is Bjorn Borg?

He is 67 years old.

What was Borg's highest ranking?

His highest ranking was No.1.

How many Wimbledon titles did Borg win?

Bjorn Borg won a record eight Wimbledon titles.

When did Bjorn Borg turn pro?

He turned pro in 1973.

How does Björn Borg spend his money?

In the 1980s, Björn Borg owned a beachfront home in Sands Point, New York, and a luxurious residence in Sweden. He also indulged in luxury cars, including a Ferrari 308 QV GTS.

What is Bjorn Borg's nationality?

He is Swedish.

Did Bjorn Borg have any children?

Yes, he has 2 children.

What did Bjorn Borg do after retirement?

He started his own sportswear company after his retirement in the 1980s.

Why did Björn Borg retire so early?

Bjorn Borg walked away from the sport because he got tired of the attention he got and felt the need to lead a normal life.


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