Pepsi Rolls Out Colachup, Its Limited-Edition Cola-Flavored Ketchup. Yay Or Nay?

Pepsi Rolls Out Colachup, Its Limited-Edition Cola-Flavored Ketchup. Yay Or Nay?
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Would you like a sauce infused with Pepsi? Well, the beverage brand has done the almost unimaginable. Presenting to you, the "Pepsi Colachup". This unique sauce, infused with the distinct flavors of Pepsi, is set to revolutionize the way hot dogs are enjoyed. Timed perfectly for the Fourth of July, a day synonymous with baseball and hot dogs, Colachup aims to reinforce the idea that hot dogs and Pepsi are a match made in culinary heaven.


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To ensure the culinary excellence of Colachup, Pepsi collaborated with the prestigious Culinary Institute of America (CIA). With their vast expertise and knowledge in crafting exceptional flavors, the CIA played a pivotal role in developing this groundbreaking condiment.

Talking about the collaboration, Jenny Danzi, a senior director at Pepsi, told CNN, "(The goal was) to craft a revolutionary new type of condiment enhanced with the rich caramel notes and citrusy pop of Pepsi-Cola."

Source: GettyImages | Wathiq Khuzaie  Stringer
Source: GettyImages | Wathiq Khuzaie Stringer

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What Does This 'Unique Blend' Contain?

Starting with a reduction of Pepsi, the sauce undergoes a meticulous infusion process. Smoked tomatoes, a blend of spices including cinnamon, thyme, oregano, and paprika, along with onions and ketchup are combined to create a harmonious blend. The result is a tantalizing combination of sweet and citrusy notes, complementing the spicy flavor of a hot dog, as revealed by Danzi in an interview with CNN.

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Source: GettyImages | Aubrey Hart  Stringer
Source: GettyImages | Aubrey Hart Stringer

Exclusively on July 4 at Select Baseball Stadiums

Pepsi Colachup is not an everyday condiment. It is a limited-edition offering exclusively available on July 4, the day when Americans gather to celebrate their nation's independence. The sauce will be served at four prominent US ballparks: Chase Field in Phoenix, Yankee Stadium in the Bronx, Target Field in Minneapolis, and Comerica Park in Detroit. Pepsi enthusiasts and hot dog connoisseurs should keep an eye out for "sampling carts" at these locations to get a taste.

Source: GettyImages | Doug Pensinger  Staff
Source: GettyImages | Doug Pensinger Staff


Endorsement from a Competitive Eater

One cannot underestimate the significance of the endorsement Pepsi Colachup received from Joey Chestnut, a legendary competitive eater and holder of the world hot dog-eating record. Chestnut, known for his incredible feat of consuming 76 Nathan's Famous hot dogs and buns in just 10 minutes in 2021, expressed his approval of the unique condiment. His endorsement further solidifies the appeal and potential of Pepsi Colachup among hot dog enthusiasts and fans of culinary innovation.

As with any bold culinary creation, Pepsi Colachup has garnered a mixed response from fans. While some expressed excitement and eagerness to try this exclusive sauce, others were more skeptical. Social media platforms like Twitter witnessed a range of reactions, with users expressing their disbelief, humor, and curiosity. The divided opinions only add to the intrigue surrounding Pepsi Colachup, making it an even more talked-about topic among food enthusiasts and fans of the brand.


In a world where food brands are constantly striving to bring unique twists to classic favorites, Pepsi has ventured into uncharted territory. The Colachup is poised to leave a lasting impression on hot dog aficionados.


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