How Investing In Facebook Gave a Massive Boost to U2 Vocalist Bono's Net Worth

How Investing In Facebook Gave a Massive Boost to U2 Vocalist Bono's Net Worth
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Paul David Hewson, nicknamed Bono, is considered one of the most famous rock stars in the world. The legendary lead vocalist of the celebrated rock band U2 has built a vast empire and is now the second richest rockstar on the planet after Paul McCartney.

According to British media, a sizable portion of his fortune may be attributed to his investment firm Elevation Partners' 2.3 % share in Facebook. By 2015, the stake was already worth around $1 billion, per South China Morning Post.

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Here's a break down of U2's frontman's net worth, lifestyle, business ventures, and more.

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The Ireland-born musician has an estimated net worth of around $700 million as of August 7, 2023, per Celebrity Net Worth. The rockstar has since been part of 14 studio albums that sold over 170 million records worldwide. Apart from that, U2 also did some immensely successful tours bringing in $736 million. 

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Born in Dublin, Ireland, Bono was raised in the suburb of Finglas. He formed the band U2 at the age of 16 after he saw an ad posted on his school's bulletin board. Joining him on this rock journey was David Evans (The Edge) and brothers Bik Clayton and Adam Clayton. The band signed with Island Records in 1980 and now has a combined worth of $1.8 billion with Bono being the richest member, per The Richest

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Getty Images | Andreas Rentz
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Along with being one the greatest rockstars on the planet, he is also an accomplished businessperson. Back in 1992, Bono decided to invest in and refurbish the Clarence Hotel in Dublin and converted it from a 70-room building to a five-star, 49-bedroom hotel. Apart from this, he also serves as one of the board members of Elevation Partners which is a private equity firm that has a stake in Facebook.

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It was first reported that Bono had bought a 2.3% share of Facebook through his private equity fund, Elevation Partners. When the social media company went public in 2009, the original investment was somewhere around $56 million. While many publications at the time picked up the fact that the share he bought was worth over a billion dollars and this investment made him a billionaire, it is not true because Bono was one of the six founding partners of Elevation. He made somewhere between $40 and $50 million from his Facebook investment, which is still pretty impressive. 

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Bono has a vast real estate portfolio. He acquired an estate in the upscale beachside community of Dalkey, which is a green enclave of Dublin. The estate went through some extensive renovations that have made the place a home. The estate is spread over 8,500 square feet and is heavily guarded. Bono also owned a spacious 2,322-square-foot apartment in El Dorado which he bought for $3.4 million and later sold for $4.9 million. He also owns a property on the French Riviera where is often seen spending time with his celebrity friends. The mansion was purchased for $4 million and later renovated.



Apart from the houses, Bono also owns a spectacular yacht that he bought in 2008 for a whopping $25 million. He also owns a Tesla Model S that he bought in 2019 and another yacht that is rumored to have cost a whopping €10,000,000 (over $10 million) to build.


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