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From Nurses to Corporate Recruiters, Top 5 High-Paying Jobs for Gen Z and Millennials

Gen Z and millennials are focusing on building a skillset that will make their jobs future-proof, especially in the era of AI.
UPDATED JAN 22, 2024
Representative Image | Pexels | cottonbro studio
Representative Image | Pexels | cottonbro studio
Image Source: Pexels/Antoni Shkraba
Creative jobs for millennials | Pexels/Antoni Shkraba

That the job market is evolving every single day is no news. Therefore, Gen Z and millennials are focusing on building a skillset that will make their jobs future-proof, especially in the era of AI. However, that's easier said than done. Gen Z and young millennials are trying to bag a few specific jobs. In a recent Skynova survey, young millennials and older Gen Zs topped the pay scale. The most popular jobs among them were registered nurses, elementary and middle school teachers, and retail supervisors. Here are 5 highest-paying jobs that are perfect for millennials as well as Gen Z.

Image Credit : Business Takeout
Pexels/Business Takeout

Jobs that require problem-solving, math, and coding skills are in great demand. In simple terms, the job of a data scientist is to simplify complicated data and make it understandable for the masses. Data scientists are also trained to evaluate patterns and trends. They made recommendations based on this data. Other things that a data scientist is required to do are find patterns and data models and forecast the outcomes. The average salary of a data scientist falls between the range of $123,999 to $186,963.

Image Source: cottonbro studio/Pexels
Pexels/cotton-bro studio

Marketing has become an important aspect of business in the last few decades. The role requires you to promote businesses, services as well and products. Marketing managers work in-house or freelance. They develop strategies that help the business to market their products and services most optimally. They are responsible for implementing marketing policies and setting organizational goals. Marketing managers are also responsible for making the marketing budget and evaluating campaigns. Their average salary is around $46,426 to $116,335.

Pexels |

Registered nurses work in hospitals, offices, and also schools. Some nurses are also registered with traveling agencies. They are responsible for caregiving and looking after injured or sick individuals. They are also trained to have empathy for sick people. Other things that they are responsible for include conducting physical exams, taking a look at patients' health care history, and providing counseling and health care education to patients. Their average salary is between $61,061 and $144,901.

 Pixabay | pexels

The corporate recruiter is responsible for creating and publishing job ads, finding top talent, and interviewing candidates. They are also responsible for shaping the company's culture, equity, and more. They play a crucial role in helping businesses grow. They generally work in the human resource department of a company and are trained to build strong relationships with the employees. They are normally required to work for the hiring manager. The average salary for corporate recruiters falls between $43,989 and $91,078.

Pixabay | Geralt
The social media word | Pixabay/Geralt

Social media management is a fairly new job that requires you to manage the company's official social media handles. Social media managers develop strategies for the business and work closely with the marketing team of the company. Their duties include managing the social media platform, analyzing the data, identifying the current trends on the internet, and suitably implementing them. They are also responsible for building an online community. Other duties include looking after customer interactions and planning digital campaigns. They are also trained to convert the views into sales. Gen Zs are particularly attracted to these jobs. The average salary of a social media manager falls between the range of $35,770 and $90,335 per year.