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TikToker Loses Weight While Accumulating Cash by Eating Only Budget-Friendly Costco Hot Dogs

Joey Kinsley, known as Sir Yacht on TikTok, undertook a week-long challenge, eating only Costco's $1.50 hot dog meal, documenting his experience online. Surprisingly, he lost 4.2 pounds and spent only $43.50,
TikTok | @Siryacht
TikTok | @Siryacht
TikTok | @Siryacht
TikTok | @Siryacht

TikTok is known for inspiring trends that can be hilarious, peculiar, budget-friendly, or outright unhealthy. When it comes to food, content creators have come up with various ways to preserve food or cut down on expenses while buying groceries or ordering in. One such individual who combined cost-effective consumption with a freak diet trend is Joey Kinsley, also known as Sir Yacht on TikTok, who recently embarked on an unusual challenge. He spent an entire week eating nothing but Costco's famous $1.50 hot dog meal, and also documented his journey, which not only turned him into a social media sensation but also highlighted the affordability of sticking to a strict budget. Kinsley compared his total weekly food expense of $43.50 to the average millennial's $164.82, emphasizing the cost-effectiveness of his choice. He captivated the imagination of young users by appealing to two major aspirations, amassing money and losing weight.

During his week-long hot dog diet, Sir Yacht reported losing 4.2 pounds, an unexpected outcome considering the nature of his diet. The challenge also evolved into a social event, with friends joining him for meals and even 'cheer-ing' hot dogs in a show of solidarity and fun. Kinsley, a Cleveland-based content creator, humorously shared his experience of consuming 29 hot dog meals over seven days, appreciating the affordability and simplicity of his meals.

 Costco's hot dog and fountain soda combination | Getty Images | Photo by Smith Collection
Costco's hot dog and fountain soda combination | Getty Images | Photo by Smith Collection

Despite the positive outcomes, Sir Yacht cautioned his followers and emphasized that his experiment was not intended as diet advice. He pointed out his routine during the challenge, which included walking 10-15 miles a day, drinking a gallon of water daily, and taking vitamins. He humorously mentioned that his weight loss could either be due to the unique diet or the presence of "a giant tapeworm."

The reaction from the TikTok community was a mix of both amusement and admiration. Comments under the video ranged from those considering the diet due to financial constraints to others praising Sir Yacht’s dedication and sense of humor. Additionally, the story highlighted the benefits of Costco's commitment to keeping their hot dog meal under two dollars. Despite the rising inflation, Costco CFO Richard Galanti stated that the company plans to sustain this price indefinitely, leveraging its income from other areas of business such as gas and travel to keep the iconic combo affordable.

In conclusion, Joey Kinsley's experiment with Costco's hot dog meal has not only provided entertainment but also sparked discussions on budget-friendly eating and the value of simple pleasures in everyday life as the cost of living goes up. While not a recommended diet plan, it certainly brought attention to Costco's longstanding commitment to affordability.