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Hoping to Cut Down Fuel Expenses to Tackle High Cost of Living? This TikToker has the Answers

People want to save money on gas for their cars this winter and thankfully A TikTok Creator found a interesting app that does that for you!
Image Source: Eva-Katalin/Getty Images
Image Source: Eva-Katalin/Getty Images

Commuting remains an essential part of life, making up the bulk of our day-to-day expenditure, which manifests in the monthly budget. As the cost of living is increasing at a rapid pace, leading to pressure on salaried classes, cutting down on seemingly routine but significant expenses can contribute a lot to overall savings. As global factors make fuel expensive, a TikTok creator has stepped forward with what she claims to be a "game-changing" savings hack to alleviate the financial burden on drivers.

In her video, posted on November 1, 2023, TikToker @ellamayhought0n introduces a unique and apparently effective approach to tackle the ever-increasing petrol prices that have burdened drivers over the past year. The video comes at a time when individuals are actively seeking ways to make substantial savings on their petrol expenses, particularly with winter approaching, and global geopolitical as well as domestic factors driving up rates.

Image Source: Alvaro Gonzalez/Getty Images
Image Source: Alvaro Gonzalez/Getty Images

As winter approaches and fuel prices remain high, drivers are eager to find savings tips. TikTok creator @ellamayhought0n recently shared a lesser-known app, PetrolPrices, which helps users locate the most affordable petrol stations in their local area or while travelling. This app, introduced by Ella May Houghton, serves as a practical solution for drivers looking to cut down on fuel expenses in the midst of ongoing economic challenges.

Image Source: Jena Ardell/Getty Images
Image Source: Jena Ardell/Getty Images

In a recent video, Houghton explained why drivers should consider downloading this app to achieve significant savings on fuel. The caption on her TikTok video asked, "Have you tried out the biggest money-saving hack for petrol? Let me know."

The content creator also wrote, "I just discovered the ultimate hack for saving money on petrol. It's unbelievable that I didn't know about this app earlier—it has truly transformed my life.

"So, the app is called PetrolPrices, and it lives up to its name. It provides a comprehensive list of petrol prices at nearby stations, comparing them in numerical and chronological order."

Nico de Pasquale Photography/Getty Images
Nico de Pasquale Photography/Getty Images

She also highlights a feature to locate the most affordable or closest gas stations on the map. Houghton adds that there have been numerous occasions when she has needed a budget-friendly station. She writes "I used to frequently choose either Esso or Shell and would unknowingly spend a significant amount on petrol. "But not anymore, especially during this period of high petrol prices—it has truly revolutionized my approach."

In the comment section of the TikTok video, viewers exchanged their experiences of utilizing the app to reduce their car expenses. The video has garnered attention and engagement on the platform, with users expressing curiosity and eagerness to try out the suggested petrol savings hack. In the midst of ongoing economic challenges, creative solutions like these offer a ray of hope for individuals striving to navigate the financial strains of daily necessities, including fuel expenses.