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Social Media Romance and Betrayal Leaves Woman in Debt; Here's the Cautionary Tale

Explore the saga of a Thai TikToker's alleged deception, revealing a web of virtual love, trust betrayal, and financial turmoil.
Cover Image Source: Pexels | Photo by Monstera Production
Cover Image Source: Pexels | Photo by Monstera Production

Social media and dating apps have opened up avenues for people to connect with others with a few taps and swipes, as they look for potential partners in the digital space. But for a Thai woman, known simply as P, what commenced as a virtual encounter on TikTok blossomed into a tumultuous two-year relationship, leaving P ensnared in a complex narrative of alleged trickery and financial abandonment. Her plea for help reached the ears of renowned news host Kanchai Kamnedploy, who unveiled a saga of broken promises, clandestine conversations, and the burden of debts left unshared. This modern romance, with contrasting perspectives of P and charismatic TikToker Por, paints a vivid picture of the challenges faced when love intersects with the digital landscape, and also acts as a cautionary tale.

TikTok | Getty Images
TikTok | Getty Images

In 2021, P stumbled upon Por's TikTok live-stream, and was captivated by his charm as well as intriguing social media persona. Por later expressed his desire to build a family with P, a single mother of two, but the story took an unexpected turn when P discovered Por's secret online conversations with a woman named Kai, whom he claimed was a relative renting a room next door. But in reality, Kai turned out to be Por's ex-girlfriend.

But P was undeterred by the revelation and signed a marriage certificate with Por. Despite the legal bond, the relationship remained strained as P uncovered more secret conversations between Por and other women. P's commitment to the relationship went beyond emotional support; she financed Por's dreams, making an installment payment on a Honda City sedan and borrowing 120,000 baht to establish a car spare part store. But Por distanced himself from P when she lost her job and financial stability, leaving her alone to shoulder the remaining debt.

Pexels | Photo by
Pexels | Photo by

Facing the harsh reality of a broken relationship and mounting debt, P reached out to Kanchai Kamnedploy, a renowned host on Channel 3, for help. In a heartfelt letter, P detailed her story, imploring Kamnedploy to share her plight with the public in the hope that Por would reconnect and share the financial responsibility.

In response to the allegations, Por staunchly denied deceiving P, and insisted that their two-year relationship was based on genuine love and partnership. Regarding the financial matters, Por claimed that they shared the expenses, and P's portrayal of him as the sole beneficiary of her financial support was inaccurate.

Por acknowledged receiving financial assistance from P but argued that they spent the money together. He asserted that he requested the transfer of the car's ownership to his name because he was making the monthly payments. Despite his willingness to help P repay the debt, Por claimed that he attempted to initiate divorce proceedings multiple times, only to face resistance from P.

Pexels | Photo by Vera Arsic
Pexels | Photo by Vera Arsic

As the conflicting narratives painted a complex picture, Channel 3 did not disclose whether the estranged couple reached an agreement or if the financial burden remained solely on P's shoulders. The tale of P and Por is a reminder that behind the allure of social media lies the potential for heartbreak and financial distress.