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Romance Author Who Only Sold 35 Copies Gets Propelled to Fame via TikTok and Bags TV Adaptation

Romance novelist Lucy Score's TikTok-driven success unfolds as her series, "Things We Never Got Over," gains sensational popularity, selling millions of copies and securing a TV adaptation.
TikTok | @lucyferscore
TikTok | @lucyferscore
TikTok | @lucyferscore
TikTok | @lucyferscore

TikTok may have started off with music and dance videos, but now it has become a hub for brands to market products, small businesses to make it big, and everyone from financial advisors to doctors and writers to gain much-deserved attention. Among such talented individuals is romance novelist Lucy Score, who has achieved unprecedented success, leaping from a modest start when she sold just 35 copies of her debut novel, to becoming an author with eight-figure earnings. Propelled into the limelight by TikTok, Score's latest series, "Things We Never Got Over," has become a sensation on the platform, with millions of copies sold and a TV adaptation in the works.

Score acknowledges the game-changing impact of TikTok on her career, describing it as an "incredibly powerful" force that catapulted her novels to widespread acclaim. Her series gained momentum when booktokers discovered and enthusiastically shared "Things We Never Got Over," surpassing the reach that all conventional advertising and promotional efforts could provide. The author pointed out the influence of passionate young women on TikTok, praising their ability to create unstoppable waves of enthusiasm around the novels.

Since the September 2023 release of the final installment of her book series, Score's TikTok presence has soared with a staggering 414.3 million views. Each book in the series has achieved New York Times bestseller status, contributing to Score's remarkable ascent to becoming an eight-figure author within a single year.

Despite her newfound TikTok fame, Score maintains a casual and unassuming presence on the platform. In her own words, she takes "zero credit" for the novels going viral, describing herself as too "fragile" to actively seek out book-related content. While admitting she is still figuring out how TikTok works, Score appreciates the platform's organic nature, crediting content creators for the success she has enjoyed.

TikTok | @lucyferscore
TikTok | @lucyferscore

Score's journey to literary success began during her journalism career when she self-published her first book on Amazon, initially selling a modest 35 copies. Subsequently, she joined forces with a small label run by two authors, gaining valuable insights into the publishing world. After releasing five books with the label, Score and her husband established their own publishing company, That's What She Said Publishing, through which they handle marketing, design, and social media. The strategic move to maintain control over various aspects of the publishing process proved pivotal to her success.

Reflecting on her decision not to pursue the traditional publishing route, Score acknowledges the challenges posed by gatekeepers in the industry. Opting for a more independent path, she founded her publishing company, a move that allowed her greater visibility and control over her work. While admitting to initial missteps, Score considers those experiences as blessings in disguise, ultimately shaping her career in unforeseen positive ways.

Lucy Score's story exemplifies the transformative power of social media, particularly TikTok, in propelling authors to unprecedented heights of success. From humble beginnings to literary stardom, Score's journey serves as an inspiration for aspiring writers navigating the evolving landscape of digital platforms.