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The AI Pin Promises to be the Most Revolutionary Wearable so Far; Here's When it'll Hits the Market

Humane, company formed by ex-apple executives launch a computer in a Pin, The AI Pin.
Image Source : Humane's Official Website
Image Source : Humane's Official Website

From Apple product launches to new versions of ChatGPT and even duds that Elon Musk delivers, the introduction of new tech is something always hyped up among netizens in the digital age. For those anticipating the release of the AI Pin by Humane, the firm has just announced details about the high-tech device designed to be attached to your shirt or blouse. It's not just for officers, as Humane envisions it being as popular as wireless earbuds or smartwatches.

Image Source : Humane's Official Instagram Page
Image Source : Humane's Official Instagram Page

The Ai Pin is no ordinary accessory, since it can take photos, send texts, and even project a visual interface onto a user's palm through a laser. Imagine a virtual assistant as sharp as ChatGPT, always ready to search the web and communicate, aiming to reduce our dependence on smartphones.

In an exciting update, Humane has announced that the AI Pin will hit the market on November 16 in the US, starting at $699, with a $24 monthly plan for unlimited calling, texting, and data through T-Mobile. Humane showcased the device's look and basic functions at TED and Paris Fashion Week. They not only announced pricing and availability but also shared more about the Pin's software and how the internal laser transforms your hand into a screen. Orders start shipping in early 2024.

The Ai Pin is just the beginning! As one of the first of many wearable devices, it taps into ChatGPT-like AI services, already used by over 100 million people weekly. Rumor has it that even Apple's renowned designer, Jony Ive, is entering the competition.

Image Source : Humane's Official Website
Image Source : Humane's Official Website

In a Humane-created Discord group, eager fans are ready to snag their Ai Pins. But the fate of Humane's aspiration for the Pin to help people live in the moment is uncertain. Will it truly enhance our present experiences, or will it merely introduce a new avenue for unhealthy tech obsession? Only time will tell.

Image Source : Humane's Official Instagram Page
Image Source : Humane's Official Instagram Page

Humane CEO Bethany Bongiorno is highly confident in the widespread appeal of the Pin, dubbing it the world's first contextual computer. She emphasizes the growing curiosity about AI and its potential life-changing impact.

Founded by Bongiorno and her husband Imran Chaudhri in 2018, Humane has strict criteria for their product. It must be a standalone device connected directly to the cell network, transparent about recording, and not always listening for wake words like smart speakers or phones do. Affordability is a key factor that has shaped the journey of the product to its current state.

Humane's Pin, a less intrusive alternative to smart glasses and AR headsets, is designed for all-day comfort without compromising style. With $230 million in funding, including a recent $100 million round, notable investors like OpenAI CEO Sam Altman and others are backing this innovative device. After ordering, users sync contacts and choose services on The Pin's camera scans a code to link to their online account, ensuring access to recordings and data, all while Humane assures users their data won't be used for AI training.

The name "Pin" is more about the sentiment of attaching it to clothing than a physical description. Wearing the AI Pin involves placing a magnetic battery pack inside clothing to secure the pin. Weighing about 55 grams, it's comparable to a tennis ball. A separate clip allows attachment to thicker clothing, and a lighter magnet suits silky outfits or workout gear.

While no photos were allowed, demonstrations showcased key functions. CEO Chaudhri, sporting his Pin for over a year, attests to its durability during various activities, including biking and rigorous testing.

Similar to other wearables, the Pin has a "trust light" indicating when the microphone or camera is active. Chaudhri emphasizes that if tampered with, the device becomes inoperable, ensuring it can't be used for unauthorized surveillance.

The Pin is controlled through taps, hand gestures, and voice commands. A double tap with two fingers snaps photos, and holding the same spot after a double tap records video (coming in a 2024 update).

Tapping and moving a palm activates the laser, projecting images and text onto the hand with a blueish-green tinge (Laser Ink Display). Hand tilting navigates options, and a swatting gesture switches menus. Users "click" on options by tapping their thumb and index finger, closing the hand briefly returns to the home screen. The voice assistant, AI Mic, responds to a tap and hold, handling various queries similar to Alexa or Siri.

Image Source : Humane's Official Instagram Page
Image Source : Humane's Official Instagram Page

A demo included asking Ai Mic to "play songs written but not performed by Prince," correctly queuing up "Nothing Compares 2 U" by Sinéad O'Connor via Tidal. Humane plans to expand features, adding navigation and shopping, and opening up the device to developers. Running on Google's Android OS, the Pin offers developer-friendly potential with Humane expressing excitement about its partnership with Google.

AI Pin supports Bluetooth headphones, and its built-in speakers create an intimate sound experience. Voice calls sound clear. Photos from the 13-megapixel camera, enhanced by algorithms, can be previewed on the palm-top Laser Ink Display for a quick check. While Ai Mic can't post to Instagram yet, future collaboration is hoped.

Starting next year, the Pin's camera will enable an AI calorie-counting feature. With a phone number, international roaming, GPS, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth support, additional fees for "capacity" may apply depending on usage.

Image Source : Humane's Official Website
Image Source : Humane's Official Website

Battery duration isn't disclosed, but the Pin ships with two packs and a portable charging case for all-day power. It includes a proprietary wireless charging pad, USB-C charging brick, and cable.