Highly-awaited Barbie Movie Pushes Mattel's Share Price Northwards

Highly-awaited Barbie Movie Pushes Mattel's Share Price Northwards
Image Source: Getty Images | Photo by David McNew

Mattel, the renowned 78-year-old toymaker, has unexpectedly become one of the hottest stocks in the market, outperforming tech giants like Nvidia and Apple. The catalyst behind this surge is the highly-anticipated Barbie movie, which has struck a chord with cultural relevance. As the movie's release date nears, investors are optimistic about its success and the potential impact it may have on Mattel's future, reports Yahoo Finance.

Image Source: Getty Images | Photo by Jon Kopaloff
Image Source: Getty Images | Photo by Jon Kopaloff

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Mattel's shares (MAT) have surged by 15% over the past month, outperforming major players such as Hasbro, Nvidia, Meta, and Apple. The forthcoming live-action Barbie movie, featuring Margot Robbie as Barbie and Ryan Gosling as Ken, has captured widespread attention. "Mattel hopes the new movie, which was 4 ½ years in the making, will give the brand and Barbie the boost they’re looking for," reports CNN Business. 

"Barbie is a cultural conversation at this point,” said Richard Dickson, Mattel's Chief Operating Officer, who believes that Barbie has evolved from a mere toy into a platform and franchise that encompasses merchandise, lifestyle products, digital gaming, and now film.


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To leverage the movie's buzz, Mattel has licensed the Barbie name for an extensive range of merchandise. The company partnered with specialty retailer Gap to launch a Barbie apparel line, including pink hoodies and pet clothing. Fashion retailer Forever 21 has also released a collection inspired by Barbie. By expanding the Barbie brand into various product categories, Mattel aims to monetize the power of this iconic franchise.

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The Barbie movie, produced by Mattel Films and distributed by Warner Bros., is expected to be a significant profit driver. Stifel analyst Drew Crum estimates that the film could generate $400 million at the box office, surpassing previous projections. A successful movie launch would not only boost Mattel's confidence but also validate its strategy of an IP-driven toy business. Additionally, it could increase investor confidence in Mattel's 14 other content projects, including a Warner Bros. movie based on the Matchbox toy car brand.


Ynon Kreiz, Mattel's CEO, emphasizes the importance of the Barbie brand as a showcase for the quality of their films, partnerships with Hollywood talent, and collaborations with major studios. The success of the Barbie movie is anticipated to have a ripple effect on the company's future endeavors, fostering investor confidence and driving profitability.

Beyond the movie itself, Mattel envisions Barbie as a platform and franchise that extends into various forms of entertainment and merchandise. The Barbie brand has evolved into a cultural conversation, resonating with different generations and reflecting changing societal trends. Mattel's strategic approach includes partnerships with renowned studios, collaborations with prominent talent, and leveraging digital platforms to enhance the Barbie experience.

The licensing of the Barbie name for merchandise has been a key driver of Mattel's revenue growth. The Barbie movie has paved the way for extensive partnerships, such as the collaboration with Gap and Forever 21. These partnerships enable Mattel to reach new audiences and capitalize on the excitement surrounding the movie release. The Barbie-inspired merchandise not only appeals to loyal fans but also taps into the nostalgia and iconic status associated with the brand.

"Barbie is clearly an important brand. It's one of our three power brands, and it will be in many ways a showcase for the quality of the movies that we're looking to make, the type of partnerships we're formulating with lead talent in Hollywood, working with major studios," Mattel CEO Ynon Kreiz told Yahoo Finance Live.

The success of the Barbie movie is expected to be a significant milestone for Mattel's franchise expansion strategy. It serves as a stepping stone for future content projects, including films based on other popular Mattel brands. Mattel Films aims to develop an IP-driven toy business, creating captivating stories and characters that resonate with audiences across various mediums. Ultimately, the success of the Barbie movie could mark a significant milestone for Mattel, propelling the company to new heights in the ever-evolving landscape of entertainment and play.


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