How a TikTok Video On Freeze-Dried Candy, $5-7K Investment Turned Hobby Into a Thriving Business For This Retiree

How a TikTok Video On Freeze-Dried Candy, $5-7K Investment Turned Hobby Into a Thriving Business For This Retiree
Image Source: Pexels | Photo by Foodie Factor

In the world of social media, trends come and go. But for a retired resident of Bakersfield, a TikTok trend sparked an irresistible fascination. As Brenda Neil browsed through the viral videos on the platform, she stumbled upon freeze-dried candy, an innovative concept that piqued her curiosity, per 23ABC News. That's how Brenda's journey into freeze-dried candy-making began.

"Freeze-dried candy is your everyday candy that I put into a freeze-drying machine and it literally heats up the candy and then a pump turns on, and it extracts the moisture from the candy," shares Brenda.  

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Image Source: Video | 23abc
Image Source: Video | 23abc

From hobby to full-time business

What began as a fun hobby soon turned into something serious. After experimenting with the process and honing her skills, she officially launched her business in March 2023, naming it B'Z Sweet Temptations as a loving tribute to her late mother and her affection for bees.

Brenda recalls the transformation, "I learned about freeze-dried candy on TikTok and I thought it would be fun to do it as a hobby." Little did Brenda know that her hobby would soon become a flourishing full-time venture, capturing the hearts of candy enthusiasts far and wide.

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Image Source: Getty Images | Photo Illustration by Drew Angerer
Image Source: Drew Angerer/Getty Images

The crunchy revolution

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At the heart of B'Z Sweet Temptations lies the captivating process of freeze-drying candy. Brenda's dedication to her craft is evident in her tireless efforts as she works around the clock to produce these delectable treats. Brenda says, "I am working 24 hours a day. I literally will put a batch into the freeze dryer, I will set my alarm, go in there and sleep for three or four hours and come back out to remove it. It has to be bagged pretty much immediately and I will put another batch in."

Image Source: Emily Ranquist/Pexels
Image Source: Emily Ranquist/Pexels

Her freeze-drying machine operates day and night, churning out batches of candy that undergo a fascinating transformation, intensifying flavors and creating a satisfying crunch. With a growing repertoire of 29 flavors and counting, B'Z Sweet Temptations continues to leave customers craving for more.

Brenda explains, "I love to watch somebody take a bite because they go crunch, and they are just oh, and again your flavor is intensified after the freeze-drying one hundred percent, so I love to see people enjoying the crunch and the different textures."

As the demand for her candies is soaring, Brenda has to decide about expanding her business while staying true to her commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. Brenda reflects on the future, "You know my initial investment in the first machine and the candy, I probably had five to seven thousand dollars into it."


The joy of sharing Freeze-Dried Delights

Beyond the business success and the potential for expansion, the true reward for Brenda lies in the delight she brings to her customers. Despite the hard work and dedication required to run her business, Brenda's passion for creating sweet temptations remains unwavering, driving her to explore new flavors and creative ideas to entice candy enthusiasts worldwide.

Brenda shares her aspirations, "I'd hate to take on the storefront because you have a lot of overhead, and that means prices are going to escalate. I'd like to just expand a little bit more here."


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