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Young TikToker Makes an Extra $100 From Side Hustles Every Day; Here's Her Experience

Jackie Mitchell, a 25-year-old TikTok user (@jaclynmitchelll), is gaining viral attention for her unique approach to earning an extra $100 every day after her regular job
Cover Image Source: Getty Images | Photo by Christopher Furlong
Cover Image Source: Getty Images | Photo by Christopher Furlong

In a world where the gig economy often dominates conversations about supplemental income, Jackie Mitchell, a 25-year-old TikTok user (@jaclynmitchelll), is gaining viral attention for her unique approach to earning an extra $100 every day after her regular job. Let's delve into the details of her 100-day challenge and how she manages to reach her financial goals.

Jackie began her challenge on September 12, 2023, by documenting her progress on TikTok, and kept it time-bound, ensuring that the additional hustle doesn't become a perpetual endeavor. This distinguishes her from others who go on to turn side hustles into full-time businesses or rely entirely on freelance gigs for their income.

Image Source: Instagram |  jaclynmaymitchell
Image Source: Instagram | jaclynmaymitchell

Mitchell employs various methods to achieve her daily $100 target, including data annotation tasks on This involves tagging and labeling data to enhance computer and AI comprehension. On the first day, she shared earning $28.42 for a task completed in the evening, followed by an additional $10 for an easier task.

Apart from data annotation, Jackie engaged in gaming on Swagbucks, participated in studies on Prolific, and utilized TikTok's creator program. Surprisingly, she even explored unconventional methods, such as reselling old Beanie Babies given to her by a coworker.

While Jackie makes her hustling appear cozy, often wrapped in a heated blanket, it's essential to recognize the effort involved. She frequently works until midnight, highlighting that side hustles, though rewarding, demand dedication and time.


The comments on her videos reveal a mix of admiration and astonishment at the amount of daily work she undertakes. Some viewers also shared their own side hustle experiences and cash-back ideas, fostering a community for support and exchange of ideas.

The comments also reflect concerns about the legitimacy of online moneymaking opportunities. Jackie emphasizes the importance of reading reviews on platforms like Reddit, underlining the necessity for caution in a landscape where scams target individuals eager to boost their income.

Jackie addresses questions about tax implications by setting aside 20% of her earnings for taxes and making estimated quarterly payments. This responsible financial approach ensures that the allure of extra income doesn't lead to unforeseen tax burdens.

Image Source: Wera Rodsawang/Getty Images
Image Source: Wera Rodsawang/Getty Images

Jackie's motivation for the challenge is personal, as she and her husband are saving for a house. Turning her savings goal into a daily challenge keeps her competitive spirit alive. Posting her progress on TikTok not only motivates her but also creates a supportive online environment that encourages her to stay committed to her financial objective.

Reflecting on her journey, Jackie suggests that side hustles can be a valuable income source, especially during financially challenging times. She advises individuals to identify their strengths and explore online work that aligns with their abilities. From consumer studies to focus groups, Jackie's experiences underscore the importance of finding side hustles that not only pay well but also align with personal interests.