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Meet the Teenager Who has Made $400,000 Through her Side Hustle Alone

Her journey started in seventh grade when she founded an athleisure company named TLeggings
Cover Image Source: Instagram | Guinea Loft
Cover Image Source: Instagram | Guinea Loft

In a world where extracurricular activities for teenagers often involve sports or music, 17-year-old Bella Lin has aced the side hustle game by building successful startups. Her journey started in seventh grade when she founded an athleisure company named TLeggings, and despite generating up to $300,000 in annual revenue, the venture faced challenges in the highly competitive apparel market. After shutting down TLeggings, Lin's resilience and entrepreneurial spirit led her towards a more niche market of guinea pig enclosures, which paved the way for her latest venture, GuineaLoft, and it has brought in over $410,000 in revenue last year.

According to Lin, any successful side hustle boils down to two key factors, which are passion and the ability to spot a clear gap in the market.

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Lin emphasizes that a successful side hustle begins with passion. She believes that anyone can achieve success if they are deeply passionate about what they are doing. This passion not only fuels the entrepreneur through challenges but also translates into a genuine enthusiasm that attracts customers.

Then, Lin underscores the importance of identifying a clear gap in the market. Her decision to transition from athletic leggings to guinea pig cages was driven by the realization that the pet enclosure market lacked innovation. By creating a product that addressed an unmet need, Lin found an untapped consumer base.

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For those inspired by Lin's success, she asserts that replicating her model is entirely possible. To start, she recommends creating a few units of a product, listing them online, and investing in search engine optimization and minimal marketing on platforms like Amazon. Lin estimates that the initial investment could range from $1,000 to $5,000, making entrepreneurship accessible for many. Lin advises entrepreneurs to gauge customer response before committing to larger investments. This allows them to test the market and adapt their approach based on real-world feedback.

Lin's journey had its own hurdles, as she navigated the layers of bureaucracy among other unexpected challenges. An incident where GuineaLoft's products were incorrectly listed on Amazon required five lengthy calls to customer support for resolution. Despite such challenges, Lin advocates for setting clear goals and realism about the viability of the business.

Addressing the issue of copycats, Lin acknowledges that GuineaLoft's market has been plagued by imitations on Amazon. However, she remains confident in the quality and commitment of her product. Unlike competitors who produce a variety of items, Lin's dedication to small animals and innovation sets GuineaLoft apart.

Pexels | Alexander Suhorucov
Pexels | Alexander Suhorucov

Lin concludes with practical advice for those hoping to replicate her success. She urges entrepreneurs to be realistic about viability and emphasizes the importance of setting clear goals. Acknowledging the difficulty of building a business, Lin highlights the abundance of resources available, suggesting that inexperienced entrepreneurs consider putting their startups through an incubator.

She also insists on prioritizing the company, even if it means constant dedication. She shares her experience of balancing school responsibilities with entrepreneurship, showcasing the necessity of commitment and multitasking in the life of a young entrepreneur.