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Financial Educator Shares 3 Things to Remember Before You Start Saving up For an Emergency Fund

Anna, a certified financial educator, offers practical advice on managing money, saving efficiently, and building wealth sustainably. Follow her tips for financial success.
Cover Image Source: TikTok | @moneyformillennials
Cover Image Source: TikTok | @moneyformillennials

It's never too late to start saving money even though the rising costs of living that have outpaced salary hikes make it increasingly difficult. Anna, a certified financial educator also known on TikTok as @moneyformillennials, offers practical advice on how to manage money effectively, save efficiently, and build wealth sustainably.

TikTok | @moneyformillennials
TikTok | @moneyformillennials

In a recent video about building an emergency fund, she said, "I want to help you get started on your financial journey too," Anna says. "But the problem is, many people don't know where to begin." She continued, "For context, I'm Anna. Let me know if these tips help you."

Anna emphasizes the importance of having multiple streams of income. "Last but definitely not least, I started different streams of income," she shares. "After six weeks of beans on toast, we grew an emergency fund. You need to know why you're saving and keep it sustainable."

Anna’s journey from paycheck-to-paycheck living to financial freedom is a testament to the knowledge behind her insights. "I used to be stuck living paycheck to paycheck," she recalls. "Now, I help thousands of people every single week."

TikTok | @moneyformillennials
TikTok | @moneyformillennials

One common mistake that Anna pointed out is people pushing themselves too hard to save. "Don't push yourself too hard," she advises. "If you have only one way of making income, you're limiting your potential. Get creative about how you can create income." Anna's top tips for saving money start with understanding the purpose behind your savings. "If you know exactly what you're saving for, you have a goal to aim for," she explains. "People who are vague about their savings goals tend to lose motivation."

Anna says, "When you keep it vague, it's easy to lose track. Ask yourself why you're saving and how much you need to be saving each month. Even if you have zero savings right now, setting clear goals is crucial." Anna stresses the importance of entrepreneurial thinking. "It's not just about how much you can scrimp and save," she points out. "Think about how you can earn more and put that money aside. When I learned to think more entrepreneurially about creating income, that's when things really started to open up."

"Money isn't just numbers and maths," Anna notes. "It's actually about your mindset and emotions as well. If you can put those two things together when it comes to saving money, you don't feel the pinch as much," she adds.

TikTok | @moneyformillennials
TikTok | @moneyformillennials

Anna also highlights the importance of staying engaged with your savings goals. "You need to keep this sustainable," she emphasizes. "Your emotions have less of a chance to derail you if you're consistently engaged in the why." Anna addresses common mistakes that can derail savings efforts. "The mistake that I see a lot of people making is they just save as much as they possibly can without a clear plan," she says. "This approach isn't sustainable. You need to be specific about what you're aiming for."

She adds, "When you know how much you're saving and why, it gives you more motivation. This isn't just about putting money aside; it's about understanding your goals and staying focused."

TikTok | @moneyformillennials
TikTok | @moneyformillennials

"When I first started, I thought, 'I'm gonna give up.' But I turned things around very quickly," she admits. "It's a long game, and you won't get there in two months. It's about how much more you can earn and save." Her practical advice also applies to everyday situations. "Is it gonna make much of a difference if I put that fifty quid somewhere else?" she asks. "Yes, because savings then grow over time. It's about making those small decisions every day."

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