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TikToker Falls Victim to Scammer who Seized Her Account; Platform Fails to Respond

All about Holly Hoskinson's TikTok story, from stardom to cyber crisis, revealing the challenges influencers face against evolving scams.
The TikTok logo is displayed at a TikTok office | Mario Tama | Getty Images
The TikTok logo is displayed at a TikTok office | Mario Tama | Getty Images

Social media has opened up opportunities for individuals to showcase their talent in front of a wider audience, and one single viral video or post could turn out to be a game changer for a content creator. In this ecosystem where possibilities are truly endless, Holly Hoskinson's journey on TikTok took an unexpected turn. The 25-year-old influencer, known for her comedic skits, faced a harrowing experience when her account with a million followers became the target of a scam. Fresh out of drama school and facing the struggle to make it as an actor, Holly's success on the video-sharing app became a beacon of hope, but her joy gave way to shock when she received what seemed like a routine email from TikTok.

Pexels | Photo by George Milton
Pexels | Photo by George Milton

Little did she know that this email would drag her into a malicious scheme, orchestrated by a scammer who took control of her account and demanded a hefty ransom. This incident not only disrupted Holly's online presence but also posed a significant threat to her earnings from sponsorship deals on the platform.

Fresh out of drama school, and determined to make a mark in the competitive world of acting, Hoskinson turned to the video-sharing app and transformed her struggles into humorous content for younger audiences. Through sponsorship deals, her annual income soared to approximately $38,000 marking a significant breakthrough in her career.

But one day Holly received an email from TikTok, urging her to verify her account details. She was then directed towards a convincing clone of TikTok's login page, where Hoskinson unwittingly handed over her username and password to scammers, who swiftly took control of her account. Expressing her shock, she stated, "Unfortunately I fell for it, and literally five minutes later, the hacker had changed the phone number and password associated with the account." She added that it "was so believable."

 TikTok | Getty Images
TikTok | Getty Images

Shocked and furious, Hoskinson refused to succumb to the extortion attempt. She believed in TikTok's support and promptly reported the incident. However, automated replies left her frustrated, as she felt the lack of a human touch in resolving the issue. Reflecting on the emotional toll, Hoskinson added, "When it initially happened, I was in shock for a while," and expressed her frustration by stating, "I just want to chat to someone and explain the situation and find a way to get the account back. I’m absolutely furious."

The content creator's ordeal sheds light on the growing threat faced by social media influencers, particularly younger individuals. Data from Action Fraud reveals a surge in hacking extortion cases, indicating a shift in criminal focus towards targeting those who rely on social media platforms for their livelihoods.

Pexels | Photo by Andrea Piacquadio
Pexels | Photo by Andrea Piacquadio

Despite Hoskinson's repeated pleas, TikTok still hasn't responded, and this raises questions about the efficacy of platforms in handling such issues. Social media companies, including TikTok, have recently signed the Online Fraud Charter, committing to swift action against fraudulent content. However, challenges persist, as the delay in resolving such matters can prove detrimental to the livelihoods of content creators.