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Why This Viral TikTok Video On Christmas Presents Is Drawing Backlash

Many of these moms on TikTok are drawing backlash for gifting their kids what many thought were "too many."
Cover Image Source: TikTok | mymumissoextra
Cover Image Source: TikTok | mymumissoextra

Parents always try to make their children's Christmas special. From gifts to experiences, parents go all out to make celebrations grands. However, seeing kids open "too many" gifts on social media, especially TikTok isn't uncommon now. Many moms on TikTok are drawing backlash for giving "too many" gifts to their kids.

A viral TikTok video with over 9 million views shows a house's living room stockpiled with Christmas presents. "We just don't have the room in the new house to display the presents properly."

Pexels | George Dolgikh
Pexels | George Dolgikh

People were quick to comment on the video and said how braggadocious the whole post looked especially with the caption. "By the time you've finished opening the presents it's Christmas 2024," wrote one user. 

"I asked my daughter what is she looking forward to the most for Christmas. She said dinner and spending time with family. I raised my children well," another comment read. 

"I’ll never understand this. Even being able to do it, I would never understand it," another said. "That’s just too much," a different person quipped. 

On the contrary, many saw no wrong in the Christmas post. "We all would if we could," wrote one user. Another comment defends her choice to buy many gifts for her kids.

"So many comments seem upset that she went all out for Christmas with HER money for HER family she wasn’t bragging or boasting simply sharing the blessing(s) she was able to get/give for the ones she," read the comment.

10 Best TikTok Gifts for Everyone on Your List Pexels | By Lucie Liz
Pexels | By Lucie Liz

According to Psychology Today, too many gifts for a young mind could be harmful in many ways. Studies show that kids who get too many gifts during the holiday season suffer a few ramifications. According to a study from the University of Missouri, when these children grow up, they are more likely to fall into credit card debt, gambling, and compulsive shopping. 

It has also been seen that excessive gift-receiving can also result in decreased self-esteem. Studies show that children who have fewer possessions have positive relations with their parents. They also have fewer problems and demonstrate more resilience in the face of obstacles than kids with overindulging parents. 

Another thing that any parents would not want for their children is for them to associate happiness with material things. Parents must cultivate a sense of empathy and develop generosity. 

People shop in Macy's department store | Getty Images | Photo by Mario Tama
 | Getty Images | Photo by Mario Tama

Setting gift limits is a great idea. Meaningful gifts have more than a mountain of presents. Sometimes teaching kids that experiences are more valuable than material is the choice parents must make. 

Another thing that can be done is to teach the joy of giving. Parents who encourage kids to give presents to others develop a sense of community. 

The choice of gift also matters. Getting children gifts that will enhance creativity, talents or other life skills are the best choices one can make as parents. For younger kids, parents should get something that may help them to discover talents. Aiming for gifts that encourage creativity and help them discover their talents is the best way to go. Homemade gifts are also a great way to make the kids understand the value of experiences and memories. 

Another thing that parents should keep in mind is that children should not be allowed to do whatever they like for whatever time they want during the holiday season. Suddenly the surge of sweets and screen time may result in meltdowns. According to Psychology Today, loss of structure is one of the major reasons why there's a surge in problematic behaviors during the holiday season.