Chinese Business Owner Wins $96 Million Lottery Jackpot, Largest In Country’s History

Chinese Business Owner Wins $96 Million Lottery Jackpot, Largest In Country’s History
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A 28-year-old man In China has won a lottery jackpot worth 680 million yuan, or around US$96 million. This is the biggest jackpot ever recorded in the country. The lucky winner is from Guizhou province in southwest China, according to the official website of the China Welfare Game, which organized the game. He bought 133 lottery tickets, each for two yuan (approximately 28 US cents).

Surprisingly, he selected the identical set of seven numbers for each ticket. As a result, every single one of his tickets won, and he received a prize of 5.16 million yuan (about US$725,000) for each ticket, according to the local television station. Because of this huge win, the winner is eligible to receive the entire 680 million yuan award. According to an official from the provincial welfare lottery center, the winner claimed his prize on February 7. Under the provisions provided in the Individual Income Tax Law, he will be obligated to pay 20% of his lottery proceeds in taxes, the article stated.

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 A customer purchases a Powerball lottery ticket at the Brew Market & Cafe on October 10, 2023 in Austin, Texas. The Powerball jackpot has grown to over $1.7 billion, making it the second largest jackpot in history | Photo by Brandon Bell | Getty Images
Photo by Brandon Bell | Getty Images

The man explained that he couldn't sleep after receiving the wonderful news of his win on his phone one night. He said, "Initially, I couldn't believe it, so I double-checked it multiple times. I couldn't sleep because I was so happy. The man, who owns a small business in Anshun, lost no time in driving to Guiyang, the capital of Guizhou province, to collect his prize money early the next morning. I've been analyzing the numbers that occurred on past winning tickets. I chose some of those and added one of my lucky numbers to bet on," he explained.

"I have been using this set of numbers for quite some time. I intend to share this fantastic news with my family over the Spring Festival holiday. His lottery win of 680 million yuan beat China's previous record of 570 million yuan, which was won by a Beijing resident in 2012. Stories of massive lottery winnings frequently receive tremendous attention on social media sites throughout mainland China

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Image Source: Photo by Aykut suvari | Pexels
Image Source: Photo by Aykut suvari | Pexels

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In December of last year, a man from eastern Jiangxi province paid 100,000 yuan on lottery tickets and won a massive 200 million yuan reward. This sudden gain raised public skepticism and prompted calls for an investigation. Similarly, a guy from the Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region received criticism after receiving 218 million yuan in 2022. However, he chose not to tell his wife or children about his victory because he feared it would make them comfortable and less motivated to work hard.


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