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Is The Double-Decker Airplane Seating Future of Economy Flying? Here's a New Prototype

The Chaise Longue Airplane Seat prototype features a reclined double-stacked concept that’s designed to fit twice the amount of people on a widebody plane.
UPDATED JAN 22, 2024
Cover Image Source:  ZEPHYR AEROSPACE
Cover Image Source: ZEPHYR AEROSPACE

Alejandro Núñez Vicente, a 23-year-old innovator in the aviation industry, has triggered a debate with his double-decker airplane seat concept. The Chaise Longue Airplane Seat prototype created by Vicente features a reclined double-stacked concept that’s designed to fit twice the amount of people on a widebody plane.

His innovation has sparked extensive discussions and reactions from both passengers and industry experts. But despite the skepticism, he is confident that his concept represents the future of economy flying.


Comfort and Cabin Capacity

One prevailing misconception surrounding Vicente's double-decker seat design is that it aims solely to maximize the number of passengers in an aircraft. However, Vicente clarifies that his intention is not to replace conventional airplane seating but to provide an alternative that could potentially enhance comfort for certain passengers. Having experienced the discomfort of limited leg room during flights, he designed the Chaise Longue to address this issue. While the increased cabin capacity may appeal to airlines, it is not the primary focus of Vicente's concept.

Source: GettyImages | Peter Macdiarmid  Staff
Source: GettyImages | Peter Macdiarmid Staff


The Latest Chaise Longue Prototype

Th initial impressions of the newest Chaise Longue prototype were positive. The design incorporates four rows, with two on the upper level and two on the lower level, featuring reclining seats and enhanced legroom. Passengers can enjoy inflight entertainment on personal devices, and there is ample space to stretch out and recline. However, opinions regarding the lower level seating varied, with some finding it claustrophobic while others appreciated the additional legroom.

Source: GettyImages  |  Justin Sullivan  Staff
Source: GettyImages | Justin Sullivan Staff

Feedback to the Prototype 

Núñez Vicente actively seeks feedback from industry professionals and travelers. The latest version of the Chaise Longue was exhibited at the Aircraft Interiors Expo, where it underwent testing by airline representatives and members of the public. 


Potential Adaptation to Other Cabin Classes

Although the focus has been on economy class, Vicente envisions the double-decker structure being adaptable to other cabin classes as well. He has released renderings of a premium economy version of the Chaise Longue, which maintains the same concept while eliminating the lower middle seat. By optimizing space utilization, Vicente believes the double-decker design can be applied to any cabin class, revolutionizing air travel and providing enhanced comfort for passengers.

Source: GettyImages | Justin Sullivan  Staff
Source: GettyImages | Justin Sullivan Staff

Challenges and Certifications 

The Chaise Longue comes with its own set of challenges. Vicente acknowledges that the certification process will be lengthy and complex, requiring extensive testing and approval from regulatory authorities. Additionally, the airline industry's focus on investing in business and first class rather than economy class presents another obstacle. Nevertheless, Núñez Vicente remains determined to overcome these challenges, confident that his concept will eventually become a reality.


However, he believes in the feasibility of the double-decker airplane seat. He is convinced that passengers will appreciate the comfort and benefits it offers once they experience it firsthand. For Núñez Vicente, this project is not just about the seat itself; it is a personal journey that enriches his life and allows him to explore new horizons.