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TikToker Shares Simple Hacks to Assemble a $10 Holiday Feast With Dollar-Store Ingredients

Rebecca Chobat, boasting 1.2 million TikTok followers, embarked on her budget-conscious cooking journey in July 2021 amid rising inflation.
UPDATED JAN 22, 2024
TikTok | @dollartreedinners
TikTok | @dollartreedinners
TikTok | @dollartreedinners
TikTok | @dollartreedinners

As the holiday season approaches and the cost of living remains high, TikTok sensation Rebecca Chobat, renowned for her "Dollar Tree Dinners," is lending a helping hand to budget-conscious Americans with a delectable $10 Thanksgiving feast designed for two. In the past, the viral TikTok star has amassed popularity by sharing savvy grocery shopping tips at dollar stores and other affordable options, as per Fox Business. This time, she made sure Americans didn't have to cut down on joy during Thanksgiving, with tips that can also be used for cooking up feasts throughout the holidays.

Chobat's latest video unveiled a cost-effective Thanksgiving spread crafted from ingredients acquired at a Food Lion grocery store. The menu included smoked turkey legs for $3.71, frozen Brussels sprouts with butter sauce for $1, instant mashed potatoes for $1.25, turkey stuffing mix for $1.19, canned turkey gravy for $1, and two single-serve pies for $1 each. This restricted the total cost for this filling two-person meal to an astonishingly low $10.25.

Designed for simplicity and speed, Chobat's microwave-only creation can be assembled in under 25 minutes. The video not only showcases her culinary ingenuity but also delivers a subtle message against the shame associated with opting for dollar-store ingredients. TikTok users have praised the practicality of the meal, emphasizing that everyone deserves a satisfying Thanksgiving, regardless of budget constraints.

TikTok | @dollartreedinners
TikTok | @dollartreedinners

With 1.4 million views and over a thousand comments, Chobat's video has resonated with TikTok users facing financial challenges or celebrating the holidays solo. Viewers expressed gratitude for the timely and helpful content, citing its relevance to those navigating financial difficulties, including one individual residing in a motel with children.

Chobat, boasting 1.2 million TikTok followers and nearly 90,000 YouTube subscribers, embarked on her budget-conscious cooking journey in July 2021 amid rising inflation. Her "Budget Grocery Week" series has been providing insights into pocket-friendly shopping for households, exemplified by a $35 Dollar General budget for a week of meals. Chobat's mission extends beyond her household, as she caters to individuals reliant on Dollar Tree for groceries, including those with limited transportation, college students, and those living in parts with restricted access to options.

Chobat's videos have not only garnered popularity but have also proven impactful, helping followers save significantly on grocery expenses. Some have shared stories of substantial savings that have enabled them to afford school supplies for their children. These messages of financial relief shed light on the real-world impact of Chobat's budget-friendly cooking.

In a holiday season often marked by excess, Rebecca Chobat's $10 Thanksgiving feast serves as a heartwarming reminder of the joy that can be found in budget-friendly simplicity. As families and individuals navigate financial challenges, Chobat's practical and timely advice not only provides a delicious solution for Thanksgiving but also fosters a sense of community and inclusion.