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This woman turned pregnancy cravings into Dubai's most sensational and viral chocolate bars

Fix Dessert Chocolatier founder Sarah Hamouda is now regarded as the “millennial Willy Wonka"
UPDATED JUN 25, 2024
Cover image source: Unsplash (representative) | Photo by Michele Blackwell
Cover image source: Unsplash (representative) | Photo by Michele Blackwell

Chocolate lovers from across the world are flying to Dubai to lay their hands on a very special dessert. The super-chunky chocolate bars bursting with unusual fillings by Sarah Hamouda's Fix Dessert Chocolatier are a huge hit. The most viral offering of the company, the “Can't Get Khanafed Of It,”  milk chocolate bar has taken the world by storm earning Hamouda the title of the “millennial Willy Wonka,” as per the New York Post.

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The Story of Dubai’s Most Viral Chunky Chocolate Bar

In 2021, her love of desserts drove Hamouda to start Fix Dessert as a side hustle. Hamouda who made chocolate bars to satiate her pregnancy cravings, took her creations to the next level, naming them "Fix" bars, which stands for “freaking incredible experience.”

Representative Image | Unsplash | Photo by Tamas Pap
Representative Image | Unsplash | Photo by Tamas Pap

The 38-year-old British-Egyptian entrepreneur, who had been in Dubai for nine years, set out to create a chocolate bar that provides a great experience.

Hamouda recently told CNN Travel that her creation took "many years to perfect". "I'm still always looking for ways to elevate the flavors,” she said.

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Fix Dessert already has many flavors such as 'Mind Your Own Busicoff,' 'You Karak Me Up,' 'Seriously Chewsy,' 'Better to Be Safe Than Salty,' and 'Pick Up a Pretzel' and there are many more to come.

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The product that made it go viral is the “Can't Get Khanafed Of It,” chocolate bar. Inspired by khanafeh, which is a traditional Middle-Eastern dessert, the crunchy chocolate bar is filled with nutty tahini and pistachios.

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The most viral video of the product is an ASMR video of TikTok food influencer Maria Vehera. The video of the creator eating the bar in her car has been viewed over 60 million times and inspired hundreds more to film videos of their own reactions to the bars.

@mariavehera257 @fixdessertchocolatier WOW, JUST WOW!!! Can’t explain how good these are! When a chocolate, a dessert and a piece of art meet this is what you get! 🍫 "Can't Get Knafeh of it," "Mind Your Own Busicoff," and "Crazy Over Caramel." Order on Instagram Chatfood or Deliveroo and let me know what’s your FIX? Instagram : fixdessertchocolatier #asmr #foodsounds #dubai #dubaidessert ♬ оригинальный звук - mariavehera257


Hamouda told CNN that the buzz has been “unreal” with Fix’s daily orders going up from single digits to over 500. “To be honest, not at any point did I think this was going to become global,” Hamouda said. She added that she has received messages and video responses from people in Canada Argentina to Romania.

The 200-gram chocolate bars, go for about $20 each and are only available in Dubai through the food delivery service Deliveroo. The store goes online every day at 5 pm with a cap of 500 orders. Hamouda says that they usually sell out within minutes of opening ever since they went viral.

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Since customers can only purchase the viral Fix Dessert Chocolate Bars in Dubai via Chatfood or Deliveroo, as per Tasting Table, some fans are flying across the world to try the incredible dessert.

@orinnandazlan Finally got our hands on the viral @fixdessertchocolatier bars! This is the Can’t Get Knafeh of It. Should we try more flavors? #fixdessertchocolatier #knafehchocolate #viralchocolate #desserttiktok #dubaifood #mukbang #asmr #foodtok #viral #foryou #fyp ♬ original sound - Orinn & Azlan


However, not everyone can make it to Dubai to try the viral dessert. Thus, many have taken it upon themselves to create the experience at home. Social media is filled with recipes from people who are trying to recreate the legendary chocolate.

While many have managed to replicate it to near perfection, millions are still dying to get a taste. This has led to the bars showing up on third-party websites like Etsy at exorbitant prices.