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Elon Musk's Sister Tosca Reveals She's Overcharged As People Assume Her 'Brother Pays For Everything'

Tosca Musk, who has been producing movies since 2001, clarified that "he does not".
Cover Image Source: Getty Images | John Phillips  and Justin Sullivan
Cover Image Source: Getty Images | John Phillips and Justin Sullivan

Elon Musk's sister Tosca Musk, CEO of streaming service Passionflix, has revealed that she has been overcharged by many "who assume that her eldest brother pays for everything". Tosca, who is a filmmaker, clarified that "he does not".

She told the Daily Mail how she was charged $20,000 for a new movie location when it would have cost her only $5,000.

“The location was going to cost $5,000, but when they heard my name and assumed we were rich, they decided to charge us $25,000,” Tosca said.

In the same interview, Tosca was asked if her brother helped her out financially, she said, "It’s a double-edged sword for me to say whether my brother has helped in any way.”

Who Is Tosca Musk?

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Tosca Musk, 48, is the youngest of the three siblings. Like her brother, Tosca too embarked on her entrepreneurial journey when she was young. In 2017, Tosca co-founded Passionflix, a streaming service, alongside Joany Kane and Jina Panebianco. 

Apart from this, Tosca Musk is also involved in the production of movies. She had produced and directed over 50 movies. Her writing and production credits date back to 2001, as per her IMDb page.

Who Is Kimbal Musk?

Kimbal James Musk, Elon Musk's younger brother is a South African restaurateur chef and also an entrepreneur. He is the owner of The Kitchen Restaurant Group, which is a community of restaurants located in Chicago and Colorado and Chicago. He is also the co-founder and chairman of a nonprofit organization called Big Green, which is responsible for building outdoor classrooms that the organization calls "Learning Gardens." 

Musk also sits on both Tesla Inc and SpaceX boards, both of which are owned by his brother Elon Musk. Kimbal also played a role in building the software company Zip2 in 1995, which was later acquired by Compaq.

Who is Elon Musk's Mother Maye Musk?

Getty Images | Jacopo M. Raule
Getty Images | Jacopo M. Raule

Elon Musk's mother once told The New York Times, "I was famous until Elon became famous."

Maye Musk is a model and has been in the business ever since the age of 15. She appeared in many high-profile magazines like Time and Vogue, long before her son became the man he is today. 

Musk raised her three children as a single mother while pursuing her master's degree and also trying to make a career in modeling.

Musk married Errol Musk in 1970 and later divorced him terming the relationship as abusive in her memoir, "A Woman Makes A Plan".

As per CNBC, Maye Musk was working five jobs in 1989 to to raise her three kids. She worked as a research officer at the University of Toronto so that her children could attend school for free. She also taught modeling and nutrition classes two nights a week, all this while she was studying to become a registered dietitian. 

The Musks And Their Net Worth

Getty Images Justin Sullivan
Getty Images Justin Sullivan

Tosca Musk: The 48-year-old filmmaker has a net worth of $170 million, as per South China Morning Post.

Kimbal Musk: Thanks to the major business ventures like Zip2 and that later became PayPal, the man is worth $700 million. 

Maye Musk: Elon's mother is worth $45 million, as per TheThings. She made her money through several business deals with Revlon, Special K Cereal, and books that she penned.

Elon Musk: The 51-year-old owner of Twitter and CEO of Tesla and SpaceX is the world's richest man on most days. The entirely self-made entrepreneur is worth $233 billion, according to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index.