Mom Makes $2700 a Month in Passive Income Creating Videos for Amazon

Mom Makes $2700 a Month in Passive Income Creating Videos for Amazon
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More and more Americans are relying on side hustles to earn the extra cash that they say they "need", 44%, to be precise, as per a survey from Insuranks, a business insurance marketplace. The success that some people have found in the side hustles has made them happier than ever. When Andrea Matei got the money for the first time, it wasn't much but it sure was a start. She soon enrolled in an Amazon Influencer Program that pays the members commissions if they buy through their affiliate links, as per CNBC Make it.

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Matei spends a maximum of three hours per week filming and said that it got her $21,700 in eight months, an average of $2,700 per month according to the outlet. She says that she spends more than three hours per week filming, working on voiceovers, and editing the video from her house in Colorado. She tells the outlet how her work is only up till making the videos, and then the income is completely passive. Matei reveals that the money keeps flowing into her account even when she is busy with other things.


Her media consulting website Launch Grow Joy helps her clients to grow their small businesses and create new sources of income. Matie said that she discovered the program via a YouTube video called, "The world’s easiest side hustle." She also talked about how her initial payout which was just under $1.28 quickly became $40 a day, then finally $100. 

Matei began by simply reviewing the products that she would find lying in her house, and now Amazon sends her PR products to review. She also talks about the importance of recognizing the right target audience and delivering what they are looking for.

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The job can also be pretty volatile with sometimes people making $280 a day while some days they end up making just $50 as per Matei. "Amazon can be fickle," she says. 

A side hustle may not be the best way to earn money if you don't have a goal established, once that box is checked, it's time to see how and where to begin. There are many websites that you can turn to depending on what your skills are and where your interests lie. 

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You Can Do What You're Passionate About: One huge benefit to having a side hustle is being able to participate in what you're truly passionate about. Let's face it, not everyone does what they love and an opportunity to earn while doing what you love is something everybody would want to embrace.

Extra Payout: There's no doubt in the fact that an extra job means passive income. In the wake of rising inflation, many are turning to side hustles and finding something to do that is getting them that extra money.

Flexible Working Hours: Employees have the freedom to integrate their side hustle smoothly into their existing work life. Being able to control their schedule helps them maintain their present role.


A Redditor u/Jade8675309 took to the platform to ask netizens about some of the side hustles that they recommend. These are a few ideas that Redditors shared:

Background Acting: This is simple as you just have to be in the background. Get in touch with casting companies who are always in need of background actors.

Pet sitting: Redditors say it's a great way to earn money if you like animals. Sitting cats or dogs can be real fun to earn some money.

Musicians: If you know how to play a musical instrument you can assist musicians in their shows or events.

Dropshipping: It basically involves selling products that are supplied by a third party who is responsible for the inventory of the products, while you will be responsible for customer communication and shipping the product. 

Selling DIY Products: It's a good time to come up with a name for the handmade candle you've been making for years. You can easily sell the things that you make and with the internet at your disposal, selling is easier than ever!

Tutoring: This can be done in a million ways. You could teach live classes or record tutorials for others to learn from. You could conduct webinars or simply create a channel on YouTube. Global e-learning marketing is rising and is estimated to become a $457.8 billion market by 2026 as per ReportLinker projects.


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