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10 Burger King Items That Some Of Us Still Miss And May Never See Again

Here's a list of all the iconic items that no longer exist on the menus...
Cover Image Source: Getty Images | Bruce Bennett
Cover Image Source: Getty Images | Bruce Bennett

Restaurants keep playing with their menus, adding innovations while also leveraging their iconic sellers to test new ideas and flavors. Items are also yanked off the menus because of their low demand, but in some cases, supply chain issues and other factors are also behind their removal.

Burger King, most sought after for its whopper and chicken fries, has always been creative with its menus. But over the decades, it has axed some of customers' favorites without any explanation. 

Here's a list of all the iconic items that no longer exist on the menus.



There was a time when Burger King used to sell more than just breakfast burritos. This burrito, which was known as the "Whopperito", contained ground beef, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, and pickles. Sounds very normal, but there was a key differentiator. Instead of a ketchup or a mustard topping, the burrito was topped with queso then it was enclosed into a tortilla. The burrito got polarising reviews, while some absolutely adored the burrito, others were confused and hated it, as per The US Sun.

2. Cupcake Shake 


Back in 2009, Burger King sold a drink called a Cupcake Shake. It was a small yellow cake-flavored milkshake that was topped with whipped cream and colorful sprinklers, as per So Yummy. 

A customer wrote on The Impulsive Buy, "It looked and tasted like I was eating yellow cake batter, except without the possibility of getting salmonella or getting my tongue stuck in a hand mixer. It also almost tastes like egg nog ice cream."

3. Chicken Tenders


While the burger joint still has chicken nuggets, the chicken tenders is history. Reddit user Fumor misses "the toasty, lightly-peppered variety". Fumor says, "Burger King, what did I do to you that you treat me this way?" The tenders were replaced by chicken nuggets that closely resembled the McNuggets from McDonald's.

4. Burger Shots


It was their way of competing with White Castle at the time. These came in packs of two and six and each contained mini burgers.

5. Satisfries


In 2013, Burger King introduced Satisfries which appealed to the group of consumers who were trying to eat healthy. These fries contained 40% less fat and 30% less calories. The joint also claimed that these were fried in a less porous batter that absorbed way less oil. Seems like it failed to satisfy the consumers and ended up featuring in this list today.

6. Enormous Omelet Sandwich


The omelet sandwich was indeed enormous. It was made with eggs, cheese, bacon, and sausage on a sesame seed roll and was extremely unhealthy. The sandwich reportedly contained 330 milligrams of cholesterol, as per Complex

7. Bacon Cheesy Tots


These were delicious little tater tots filled with cheese and bacon bits. However, these were around for a very limited period of time. We can only hope for BK to bring this one back.

8. Turkey Burger


In 2013, BK introduced Turkey Burger to their menus in the hope to offer a healthier option to customers who were trying to become mindful about eating. Despite being liked by many, the burger was taken off a few years later. 

9. Donut Holes

Pexels | Cats Coming
Pexels | Cats Coming (Representative image)

This was a popular breakfast option. They came in an order of five and were covered in a sweet but light glaze. The donuts didn't come in with a lot of flavors and unfortunately got discontinued after a while.

10. Firecracker Tendercrisp

Pixabay | Pexels | Representative Image
Pixabay | Pexels | Representative Image

These came in two versions, one was the original tender crisp which was just a chicken piece, breaded and deep-fried. The other version had a brioche bun with mayo, lettuce, and tomato. This version was smoky, tangy with an explosion of flavors and did not come with mayo on the side.