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Why Apple's New iPhone Autocorrect Update Is Ducking Great

Apple brought impressive changes to the three applications that are central to how people communicate.
Cover Image Source: YouTube | Apple WWDC 2023
Cover Image Source: YouTube | Apple WWDC 2023

Every iOS has experienced the frustration of typing a perfect word and watching it get "corrected" to something entirely different or bizarre. But here is some good news. Your iPhone’s autocorrect is getting a major upgrade. With the iOS 17 update, which was introduced at the World Wide Developer Conference, (WWDC), Apple's new iOS keyboard autocorrect will adapt to your writing habit over time.

"In those moments where you just want to type a ducking word, well, the keyboard will learn it, too," said Craig Federighi, senior vice president of software engineering at Apple Inc.

How does this work? AI, of course!

Apple brought impressive changes to the three applications that are central to how people communicate -- Phone, Messages, and Facetime.

Here's how the brand-new autocorrect feature works

Autocorrect in iOS 17

The feature which Apple says is at the core of typing something accurately on the iPhone is getting brand-new updates. The tech giant said that the autocorrect feature has always been powered by on-device machine learning, and they have continued to advance this model over the years. The new iOS 17 keyboard now "leverages a Transformer Language Model", which is the "state-of-the-art" for word prediction. Apple also said its silicon chip enables the iPhone to run this model every time you tap a key. 

The iOS 17 auto-correct can also fix your poor grammar!

YouTube | WWDC
YouTube | WWDC

This is possible as the new feature is capable of sentence-level autocorrection. Also, if the autocorrect changes something undesired, you can always go back to what you originally typed by just tapping the underlined word. 

YouTube | WWDC
YouTube | WWDC

You get predictions in line as you type

Earlier, predictions could help you finish a word faster, now you can get predictions for sentences as you type. So, finishing a whole sentence is easier than ever. 

The prediction will also improve over time, based on the phrases and words you gravitate to the most!

What Are The Best Features Of iOS 17?

This year's mobile operating system from Apple showcased a plethora of noteworthy features and enhancements in the day-to-day usage. 

Personalized Contact Posters

YouTube | WWDC
YouTube | WWDC

You will now have a say in how exactly you will be represented on somebody else's phone when they get a call from you. You will be able to personalize your contact poster in various ways, with various fonts. It's a lot like personalizing your lock screen on iOS 16. 

Live Voicemail

YouTube | WWDC
YouTube | WWDC

So, now when somebody calls you and leaves a message, you will be able to see the real-time transcription as they speak. This allows you to differentiate between important things and things that can be dealt with later! 


Yes, this is a brand new app from the house of Apple. Using on-device machine learning your iPhone can now give you personalized suggestions to inspire your writing. The suggestions will be intelligently curated based on all your personal information on the iPhone, like your photos, location, music, workout patterns, and more.

You can always control what you want to include as suggestions, no worries! For devs, suggestions will be available as an API, so that they can use it in their apps too. With end-to-end encryption, nobody but you can access your journal.


Photo Credit: Sunayna Kanjilal

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