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Meet the Social Media Influencer who is Pushing Scammers Into a Corner by Exposing Them Online

Social Media Influencer Ryan Kelly unmasks online scams, empowering millions against cyber fraud.
Cover Image Source: TikTok | @youthpastorryan
Cover Image Source: TikTok | @youthpastorryan

Financial fraud is evolving in the digital space, and the anonymity it lends to scammers allows them to disappear after siphoning off hard-earned money from victims. This makes it important to name and shame scammers, not just to expose them, but also to make sure that others don't fall for their schemes. Renowned social media influencer Ryan Kelly (@youthpastorryan), boasting seven million followers on TikTok, is transforming the online scam scene. Known for his unique approach to exposing fraudsters, the TikToker combines humor and expertise to educate his audience. Kelly has now revealed his tactics for busting online scams. "For me, it's taking what they use against us and flipping it on them. It's that social engineering tactic. And thankfully, due to my understanding of technology, I am able to clone websites," he stated in an interview.

TikTok | @youthpastorryan
Image Source: TikTok | @youthpastorryan

Using his experience working for homeland security, Kelly has turned the tables on scammers by tracking them down. He adeptly uses technology to clone websites, a technique he describes as both "easy and fun." His method involves creating a facsimile of a legitimate website, like Google, to track and expose scammers.

Kelly’s unique strategy extends to using IP loggers to determine the scammer's location and device. In a surprising incident, he sent a scammer’s real address back to them, and with this bold move, he not only caught the scammer off guard but also gave him a taste of his own medicine.

TikTok | @youthpastorryan
Image Source: TikTok | @youthpastorryan

Kelly advises netizens to exercise caution with personal information on social media, suggesting that less is more when it comes to online sharing. He warns people against scams prevalent on professional networking sites like LinkedIn, where fraudsters pose as high-ranking officials requesting purchases or financial favors.

He strongly recommends removing personal details from sites like White Pages and People Finder. These platforms, according to Kelly, are goldmines for scammers employing social engineering tactics.

In a notable incident, Kelly thwarted a scammer impersonating a member of the band One Direction. Utilizing his access to the scammer's account, he managed to block and eventually delete it, preventing further fraudulent activities. This TikTok star’s innovative and proactive measures not only disrupt the schemes deployed by scammers, but also empower his audience to safeguard themselves in the digital world. His mission against online scams is more than just a series of viral videos; it's a valuable public service.