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Social Media Influencer's Video Starts Important Discussion on Ageism in the Workplace

Shola West, TikTok's @allthingsmediasis, has triggered a significant conversation on workplace ageism with a viral video reaching 429,000 views.
Cover Image Source: @sholawest | Instagram
Cover Image Source: @sholawest | Instagram

After mastering the art of making and monetizing dance and music videos on TikTok, Gen Zs and Millennials have now started talking about personal lives, health, and career on the social media platform. One such voice is Shola West, better known as @allthingsmediasis on TikTok, who has initiated a crucial conversation surrounding ageism in professional settings. Her viral video, which has amassed over 429,000 views, showcases her experience as a young professional navigating an environment often dominated by older colleagues. West's narrative sheds light on the prevalent issue of ageism in workplaces.

West went on to share anecdotes from her early career, revealing a poignant incident where she disclosed her age in search of empathy and guidance. Contrary to her expectations, this revelation triggered an unforeseen backlash from her older colleagues. She recounts a specific episode where information about her age was used against her, and overshadowed her qualifications during a promotion application. This incident brought to the forefront the potential resentment and insecurity that may arise when a younger colleague attains success.

West's narrative underscores the ramifications of disclosing one's age in professional settings. She says that by revealing their age, young professionals might inadvertently create unnecessary obstacles for themselves. Her experiences struck a chord with numerous young professionals who have encountered ageism or felt undermined due to their youth.

Beyond simply accumulating views, West's video has become a catalyst for discussions and shared experiences, and makes a strong case for the need to challenge and address ageism in all its forms.

West's journey sheds light on the nuances of the age dynamics that shape the culture at a workplace. The video resonated with a diverse audience, prompting reflections on personal encounters with age-related challenges. Comments on the video reveal a collective recognition of the broader issue of ageism and the impact it can have on professional trajectories.

The discourse sparked by West's video extends beyond personal narratives, encouraging a broader societal reflection on age-related biases. It has prompted discussions on fostering inclusive work environments that value contributions based on merit rather than age. The evolving nature of professional landscapes requires a shift in perspectives, to acknowledge the strengths of individuals irrespective of their age.

West's video not only highlights the personal struggles she faced but amplifies a broader narrative that resonates with many young professionals. Its viral nature indicates a collective eagerness to confront and address ageism. The stories in the comments section have amplified the need for open conversations on age-related challenges in the workplace.

In conclusion, Shola West's TikTok video has transcended social media trends to become a catalyst for a crucial conversation on ageism in professional spaces. By sharing her experiences, West has ignited a broader dialogue that encourages individuals to reflect on and challenge age-related biases in the workplace. The video is also crucial at a time when a large number of Gen Zs are ready to enter the workplace after an era of remote work.