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Want To Test Drive Tesla Cybertruck? It Is Now Available For Rent On Turo For $1000 Per Day

Long-time order holders of the Cybertruck finally have the chance to get their hand on the wheel.
Tesla Showroom Miami Design District December 2023 | Wikimedia Commons | Phillip Pessar
Tesla Showroom Miami Design District December 2023 | Wikimedia Commons | Phillip Pessar

With a few deliveries done, the Tesla Cybertruck, which is one of the most sought-after EVs, is already popping up on rental platforms like Turo. So far there have been two listings, one in San Jose, California, and one in Austin, offering the vehicle on rent for about $1,000. The catch is that the cost of renting the EV is about $1,000 per day, which is outrageous. However, people who are willing to spend to try out the mythic EV can easily do so as deliveries are not expected to pick up pace anytime soon.


As per a Business Insider report, the first listing comes from San Jose, California. The EV listed for rent belongs to its owner, who was lucky enough to get the truck. The Cybertruck has been listed for $950 per day on Turo, and it can be delivered to San Francisco for an extra $30.

The second listing comes from Austin, Texas, but this one is from a Tesla employee. The owner listed the EV as a Foundation Series Cybertruck for $1,069 per day. The owner has mentioned that the feedback from renters will be shared with Tesla to improve the vehicle in the future. There are a few other listings as well for a lesser amount. 


However, there was a common thing in all the listings. The owners have mentioned that the renters can’t take the Cybertruck off-road which means they have to stick to the tarmac. This adds weight to Ford CEO, Jim Farley’s comment that the Cybertruck is only for the “Silicon Valley People”. 


People have already started sharing their experience of renting the Cybertruck on Turo. One renter posted his experience in a video on TikTok.

@tesla.flex I rented the first cybertruck on Turo 😳👀 #tesla #cybertruck #teslatok ♬ 9am in Calabasas - Adrian


The opportunity to test drive the Cybertruck is particularly helpful for some order-holders. As the Foundation series goes out to early reservation holders, longtime order-holders can vet their purchase commitment by trying the vehicle out first. Further, Tesla doesn’t use conventional promotional channels like other brands, thus getting to test drive a Cybertruck is not easy for potential owners. Since the Cybertruck isn’t a cheap vehicle with the range-topping model, the “Cyberbeast” costs about $99,990 which is at par with supercars.

The launch of the Cybertruck has moved slowly since about a dozen vehicles were delivered to the first owners at an event in November last year. Since then only the Tesla employees and a few lucky people have received the Cybertruck.


The Cybertruck has also failed to live up to the hype as it has been dumbed down on paper. The production variant is lower than the initially quoted range and is only available in very limited configurations while being more expensive than promised.

Recently, a customer got his Cybertruck and shared his first-hand experience on a car forum.  As per the customer, the Cybertruck comes with pretty glaring quality issues, like misaligned panels, glitchy turn signals, and odd-looking body panels.

However, Tesla CEO Elon Musk has been promoting the Cybertruck through social media. Extraordinary visuals, tests, and comparison videos have been posted showing the EV’s capabilities.


Most recently, the Cybertruck embarked on a China tour to showcase the flagship pickup in its second-largest market, as per Reuters. Musk further stated on X (formerly Twitter) that the company could ship some prototypes of the Cybertruck for display in China, although it would be difficult to make the vehicle legal for the road.